Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Poinsiettas, Little Video and Desktop Wallpaper

Gorgeous, right?  
And this one, also!  I was at Target today and saw these lovely poinsiettas for $3.99 each.  How could a person turn those down.  I bought two - will share with Sherry. 
Some little girl in Portland had her very first birthday on Friday.  Annie was born on Thanksgiving in 2012 and a year has gone by already.   Here is a little video her mommy sent along of Annie with one of her birthday gifts.  Happy Birthday, little doll!!  Annie is on the move now and probably will be walking soon.  They grow so fast!

I wanted something warm and cozy as a wallpaper on my monitor.  This is what I found - just love it.  I also have another one that I can use-----
Love this one, also.  You can find just about anything you want out there on that web!

Will be having Thanksgiving here at my house with Sher and Barclay - just the three of us.  Thought it might be nice for Barc to watch the games on my nice new tv.   We will cook the same kind of turkey we had at our Thanksgiving dinner in July at the cabin.  That was sooo much fun.  Our meal will be the same and Sher and I will each do part of it.   I will do the pumpkin pie but make some brownies for Barclay.  Looking forward to it.  I am sure there will be some facetime or skype with Denver and Portland. 

Here's a cute little felt turkey - will use it as a way to send you my wishes for a lovely, full of good food, family, and friends Thanksgiving to all of you from the Funoldhag!

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Jewels said...

Hi Carol - enjoying Thanksgiving at the cottage - cold but nice - trying to get some crotcheting in - hope to see you soon. J