Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Annie Trims Her Tree, A Batik Tree and My Trip to the Dentist

Here is the second little recipient of one of the felt trees!  Little Annie is busy with an ornament - her mommy says she likes to take them down better than putting them up.  Nothing wrong with that!  They were more than worth making just for the two pictures of the little ones with their trees!
Started laying out the pieces for the tree yesterday.  Found this red and green batik in my stash and think it is perfect.  The background is fabric left over from the hexie quilt.  I had bought some really pretty batik that is red with white snowflakes on it and I may do one of those, also.  Use that for the background and do a white tree with sparkley silver things on it. 
Found these little red pearls that I think I will sew on the shapes for ornaments.    Didn't work on it today--but made it through my trip to the dentist okay.  Not fun but no pain, really.  Just the anticipation, noise, pressure, etc., that is no fun.  It was complicated, but he is a really good dentist and I trust him.  And I have not had any pain to speak of since the novacaine wore off.   Have iced it all afternoon and evening and expect to be going strong tomorrow except for watching what I eat.   Sherry came out to the office and waited while I was having the procedure done, but it was no problem for me to drive home.  My sweet girl brought me a malt this evening.  Glad it is behind me now!


Jewels said...

How sweet to see the kids and their trees! I think we are in for a messy Wednesday weather wise. Stay warm and dry! J

Leslie said...

Oh great to hear that it all went well. The batik Xmas tree is going to be stunning. Is this your own creation. How cleaver.

Pokey said...

I just read your last 2 posts, oh, the babies are growing so fast! Your little tree gift is just perfect for them both.
I am glad your dentist appointment is over. I'm a bit of a nervous nellie when I'm in that chair, too ~