Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is just hours away.  2014--can it be here already?  I can remember when I was young thinking I would be so happy to live to see the turn of the century.  Now it has turned and is marching forward.  Time goes by quickly anymore.

I spent Christmas in Kansas City with my son and his wife.  Two of Ann's sisters and their families and  her mom were there also.   I thoroughly enjoyed being with all of them.   Ann's mother and I are just a year apart in age and have been together quite a few times over the years.   She is a great lady and fun to be around.  It was great to see the nieces and nephews - all grown up now.   Day after Christmas, Bill and I went to see "Saving Mr. Banks" - it is one great movie!

The picture of the train above is a very old one made by Hallmark to put Christmas cards in.  It belonged to one of Ann's relatives and still collapses to go into the original package.  She doesn't put it out every year since it is naturally getting a little brittle and the tabs deteriorating.  However, isn't it a cool thing to have?  I bet it is worth much more than the original price!

Speaking of things from the past, here is Ann in an apron I made way back in the 1970's (she had been cooking and didn't really want her picture taken).  I was into string piecing  and was appliqueing even then.   Makes me feel good when I see things I have made for the kids (especially Christmas things) still being used.  Sherry has many items in her home, too. 

And here is a picture of a couple of pages from the cookbook I put together back in 1996 when we first got the computer.  Hannah texted this picture of the recipes she was making.  She has had hers now for several years.  The other girls have been using theirs for some time now.  I would do it completely different today but it's not bad the way it is.

One more older piece - this one done by my husband.  He made the candle holders a long, long time ago.  I no longer have mine nor does Sherry.  It was nice to see this again - and on a tablerunner from several years ago.

A final Christmas little bit of fun - Henry decorates cookies--

A word for today---


Leslie said...

Welcome home, my friend. I am sure you are tired. I will be happy to hear about your holidays in detail. See you soon, if the ice melts. lol

Jewels said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Carol - will catch up soon.... and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you (where has the time gone). J

Pokey said...

It is so good to look around and see memories from the past, still being used and loved. What a sweet apron, and the neat wooden candle holder that your honey made!
Henry is adorable. So are you all noticing that left hand leading in his choices? I'm a lefty, I notice it!