Thursday, December 19, 2013

Movin' On Up

Amazing how little ones develop so quickly and how they learn so much in such a short time.  And what fun it is watching them.   Here is little Miss Annie (in the little tutu I sent) climbing up the stairs to her room with mommy and daddy right behind to keep her safe.   Such fun to find pictures and videos on my I Phone!

My cards are finally in the mail--I worked on them Tuesday and then mailed them Wednesday.  Bittersweet since my list is growing shorter and shorter, but, alas, that is the way life is when you are in your 80's.  All of the cards I send go to friends and family members that have been on my list for many, many years and each one must have a note or a letter in with it.  I have a cousin back in Illinois who is probably 10 years older than I putting her in her mid-nineties.  Ruthie still writes with quite a steady hand.   Her note was "Nothing new.  Same as last year.  I'm fine.  Busy all the time.  Love, Ruthie".   She has always been a vibrant, energetic lady and is still in her home.   Bless her heart. 

I made quite a few hot pad holders and have given them as gifts for Christmas.  They were quick and I enjoyed doing them.  Made the fronts and backs, then sewed them together like a pillow.  They were turned and I had sewed the little opening closed, then stitched a seem between a quarter and a half inch from the edge.  So much easier than binding.  I bound a few but prefer the ease of this method.  Tried to find some bone rings - must not make those anymore- and also some brass ones, no luck..  Did find some white plastic ones at Joann's.   In a big old, old shoe box in the basement, I have lots of things from years and years ago pertaining to curtains and drapes.  There are drapery hooks and clips for cafe curtains.  I had at one time strung a bunch of brass colored rings (think they are actually covered plastic) and that is what I used for the holders.  Never did I think those many years ago what I would actually use some of them for.  Anyway, they were perfect.  I may make one or two pairs in the next couple of days - red Kaffe fabric is what I want to try.

Also accomplished some pants shortening today - two pairs of jeans and pj bottoms.  Took a while, but I'm glad that is done.   Will be starting to think about packing to go to KC in a couple of days.  Time is flying by.


Pokey said...

Oh, those babies grow so fast, so fast! I loved her happy little hollers, what a cutie! I hop[e your Christmas is special, sweet Carol ~

Leslie said...

I love that video, brings back sweet memories of Elle. Those little girls are so coordinated and determined. Maybe Annie will be a figure skater, looks like she may have good leg strength. lol I love my pot holders. I think I got the cutest set, didn't I? Have safe travels and great times, atleast you will be in presentable jammie bottoms. Merry Christmas.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I'm finding the same thing happening with my Christmas card list. I love your cousin Ruthie's note--lol!

Jewels said...

Have a wonderful holiday Carol - waiting for the weather to improve before Mr D and I head out...will catch up in the new year hugs (love that video)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love this!!!