Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time to Visit Santa Claus

 Just checked out Facebook and look what I found - here is my little great grandson, Henry, sitting on Santa's lap.  I know many of you get a kick out of seeing pictures of Henry--he's such a cute little fellow.  Looks like he is being close up and personal with the old fellow in the red suit!  So different from his mommy who avoided Santa all through her childhood!   The Easter Bunny, too. 
And on the same Facebook page is my sweet little great granddaughter, Annie, on the right, with her little cousin Otto.  Otto is not thrilled at all and neither is Annie.  Actually, Santa is a little scarey looking although I think he has a real beard.
But in this picture, all is well with the world - the ordeal is over and they can go on to more pleasant things.  This picture makes me smile really big!!   Annie and Otto's daddies are brothers so these two little ones will grow up together. 


Jewels said...

They are all so cute Carol - lovely for you to see the holiday pics of them :)

Lee Prairie Designs said...

This is just the best!!!

Thank you for sharing your precious pictures!

Hugs, Carolyn

lil red hen said...


Leslie said...

How cute!!! Yesterday was tons of fun wasn't it. I love my fabric purchases and am still amazed as is Elle with the wonderful and creative pot holders that we were lucky to get from you. Elle wants all four of them for her future kitchen. I am still contemplating that one. lol