Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Sweet Video and a Picture of Little Siblings

Here is Henry and his little sister, Lauren.  I promise you every post will not be about my three little greatgrandchildren, but I really have them on my mind now and they are such a blessing!  

This afternoon a video came through from Norah, and Lauren can be seen close up and personal - she has filled her little tummy and is very content.  

And I am still working on the little quilt.  Actually did a lot of the buttonhole stitching yesterday and will be back working on it tomorrow. 
Working on like colors in each strip.   Love these little turtles I found!  
Here are parts of three of the strips together.  The windowframe will be fused after the curtains are stitched down.  Then I will decide on the sashings (I have two different ones in mind) and it will be close to time to quilt it.   I went to Sit and Sew today and the girls liked what I have done so far.   It's always good to get their reactions.   I almost didn't go--it's really, really cold--but the sun was shining and I haven't been out and about much since Christmas so it was good to be with my quilting friends!   I hope they know what a fun part they play in my life.   It's like I have a great bunch of adopted daughters. 

Stay warm!!


tpott said...

I've been enjoying pictures of your greatgrandchildren, please don't stop. Who can resist beautiful baby's? Lauren's quilt is lovely great color choices. It must feel wonderful to have your great granddaughter, named for you. ;-> Toni Anne

Pokey said...

Carol, show your babies anytime you want to, they are precious! Your quilt is so sweet, what a happy project to be working on for your namesake~

lil red hen said...

They're precious! You have every reason to be proud! Post all the pictures you want to.

Leslie said...

I love seeing the little sweet babies. They are fun to watch grow. Still love Henry riding the watering can and the new car video. He is just so funny. Don't forget the take out Pizza for lunch yesterday-- that was fun!! Or was that a secret. lol

Jewels said...

You can post as many lovely pics as you like Carol!