Friday, January 24, 2014

In the Deep Freeze with Lots of Other People Everywhere

Such a cold, cold day - wind chill was supposed to be 15 - 25 below zero!   And it's not just us, but much of the country is experiencing the bitter cold and snow.   I would say this is a real winter - one of the old fashioned kinds we can remember back years and years ago.    It doesn't bother me much as long as I have food and warmth.   There is always something that I want to do and I do get a lot of work done on my quilting.  By the way, the two little squirrels  pictured here is from one of my boards on Pinterest--The North Wind Doth Blow.   Aren't they lucky little things to be in the little squirrel box together?   I see some scampering around here and the little guys seem to know how to survive awful weather.

It's almost all appliqued!!!  And I have decided on the sashing - what do you think?   I like the way it looks with a solid strip between the rows.  On this strip, I just have the "apples" and the leaves on the flowers to do.
 I will trace the date on a piece of backed fabric with a pigma pen then applique the sign and fuse it  on the post.   There is an extra butterfly that I had fused together and it was too big for the panels.  Now I think I am going to sew this row and the strip above it together, then fuse the butterfly across both and buttonhole stitch it.  Thought that might be cute.   I am for sure going to use the pigma pens for the faces,  feelers, whiskers, etc.

Earlier I had a text from my daughter and she is in Denver with Norah and family.  60 degrees there!   Despite the bitter cold, she had a good flight and I think it was timely one without much in the way of delay.  She has been so excited to go and I am sure they are just as excited to have her there.

I can smell my turkey soup!  I bought a couple of Honeysuckle White turkey thighs and cooked them with onions, celery, etc., and have now added carrots.  Will put in some noodles and then put the cut up turkey back in.   Will have several days of soup!!  Like money in the bank.

Stay warm and get lots of sewing done.


Jewels said...

Perfect Carol - and I think I recognize that fabric LOL - so glad to see how it is going to be used :)

lil red hen said...

SO CUTE!! She will enjoy this for a long time!
I have a grandson who lives just outside Denver and we keep a watch on their weather, being surprised it's so much colder here than there!

Judy Smith said...

Carol, congratulations on your new great grandaughter. I love her quilt! Regards, Judi

Pokey said...

Your soup sounds perfect for the cold weather! Stay warm ~

Leslie said...

Great minds....we had cheese chicken and vegetable soup here also. Good thing on a cold day,huh.

Leslie said...

Great minds....we had cheese chicken and vegetable soup here also. Good thing on a cold day,huh.