Saturday, January 11, 2014

Made Me Giggle

In looking over the blogs on my sidebar this morning, there was a post on NanaCompany - a beautiful blog by a very talented young woman.  Her work is exquisite. She included counted cross stitch in her post this a.m.  Part of the caption beneath this picture was-----

"(Please try not to notice how I store my Cosmo floss supply.  Trying to keep it organized, I realize, is futile.)"

That made me giggle and immediately think of one day at Sit and Sew when I had brought along my embroidery (as had some of the other gals) and I took some friendly flack about the condition of my floss!   Some of the girls wind their floss around little cardboard things that are made just for that purpose and have them arranged beautifully by color.  I am feeling vindicated that there is as least one other needleworker who shares my bad habit - but I actually don't think she has quite as big a jumble of floss as I do.  I figure that if things get too tangled and I'm not able to straighten some of the mess out, floss is cheap and it doesn't bother me to toss out some thread snarls!!   However, I certainly don't encourage anyone to do as I do!!!!  It isn't pretty!!!

Check out NanaCompany on my sidebar.  She takes gorgeous pictures - and has many pictures of her cute little girl.  Also, some of older children.  A very nice blog.

A word to the wise:


Jewels said...

Carol I too am not very kind to my floss LOL. I was just hunting for a colour today and realized what a jumble it is. Oh well, I feel the same way you do....crazy weather today!

kathy said...

I really think there is more of us that have a jumble of floss instead of those neat little cards. I'd rather be stitching than winding floss on a card.

lil red hen said...

My floss stash is usually a mess. Recently, instead of wrapping it around those little cardboard things, I wound it around an empty spool; worked great and there were no crimps in it.

Leslie said...

Oh...I see your little friend commented. Lol

Pokey said...

I kept mine like my Momma did...looks just like that, lol. We did always have it in a pretty, o-l-d candy tin. I tried the tidy way, but it took alot of work, and I think the the stitching is what says it all, right?

Beverly said...

LOL! I have two different containers of floss. One is a shoe box that has just the floss I'm using for one particular project (but it's a big project so lots of floss thrown in to scrabble through) and then another snap-close Rubbermaid type box has the rest. (Well, that isn't exactly true -- I have a bunch shoved in a drawer with some ribbons and other sewing items because it won't fit with the rest).

My mom got me some of the little plastic cards and a box to organize it in for Christmas, but I doubt I'll get to that anytime soon!

It is nice to know that not everyone is neat and tidy! I will NEVER be accused of that!

Deb said...

Hmmm, my floss is stored in a large popcorn tin,a shoebox and plastic bin, I have lots of those cardboard thingies but prefer my jumbled mess.

I just pull what I need from the skein and haven't had to throw any knots out in 40 years.