Saturday, January 4, 2014

Too Many Choices!!!

My third little great grandbaby will be born in the next two weeks, more or less, and I haven't done much on a quilt for the new little baby girl yet.  Thought I had it all figured out, but now I'm not so sure.  Have been surfing the net for ideas - and there are tons and tons of them!

Back in early November, I had put this up on my wall with the plan being I would do owls, birds and maybe a butterfly or two.  If I don't use this for the baby quilt, it won't be a lose as it would lend itself to something else.  I do like the dots and stripes.  However, I was thinking maybe more girly for a sweet little newborn.  I have a lot of  30's reproduction fabric which I love and it lends itself so well to things for little ones.  Also down in the basement are quite a bit of solid fabric in all colors and there are also some pieces of offwhite that could be used for block background.  I have been looking at clipart and saving things I like in files.   Baby animals are one category in the running-
Aren't those cute?  And so simple. 
Bugs and flowers.  Cute, cute.
I love this one - but it would be an overall design.  It would be adorable.   Now some quilts I have pinned to my Pinterest board of Quilts - Kids.

How on earth do you decide?   Then, on a website called Syverkstan Quilting, I found free pdf files for a quilt called Crazy Cats.  There is also one for dogs - can't remember what the adjective is for them!  However these are pretty darned cute.

with a pattern for each kitty and a layout of the quilt.   This might look smashing in Aunt Gracie fabrics, too. 
Decisions, decisions!   If you would like to see lots more cute baby quilts, go over to my Pinterest boards by clicking on the top button on my side bar.

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Janet said...

Baby quilts are my favorite to make. These are all very cute choices and ideas. I'm sure you will make something special for this little girl. We share the same feelings about ice cream. I could eat it every day, but don't. Thank goodness I live in the country and don't have easy access to an ice cream shop.

Pokey said...

Well you have all the plans, now to zero in and run with one! Still, so fun to be planning a quilt for a new great grandbaby...cannot wait to see her own picture up on your sidebar.

I'm in for ice cream! Larry's Dad is here visiting, and would you believe we bought a 1/2 flat of fresh strawberries, and have been having them on oatmeal in the morning, and ice cream at's little treats ~

Pokey said...

Happy New Year to you, too! I followed you over from Carol's blog, so good to see you again. I'm in agreement with your goals, God will bless your efforts, I'm sure.

Leslie said...

Oh I love the elephants. They are so sweet. Whatever you do it will be wonderful. I am going to bring when we meet soon Elle's quilt top that is finished that you and her picked out the fabrics in Fenton at Quilters Garden. It is so cute. Nice choices by both of you.