Sunday, January 26, 2014

Two Little Videos

Another cold, cold, snowy day.   Have two little videos to share - first of the little sweetie pie in Oregon who is now walking very well and so very, very cute.  How they grow!

Then, my neighbor sent me a link to a video on Youtube that is just cool and something we can all try.  It has to do with separating eggs in a way that is so different.  Whoda thunk!  Take a peek.

I will get the little quilt in one piece today!!  Hopefully, I can get the backing ready, too.     In the meantime, stay warm - spring will get here eventually.


Jewels said...

Okay - Annie is JUST a real sweetie pie AND I am going to share that egg yolk video!

Pokey said...

Annie is cute! Love her little coos, too. I have seen the egg video, but still forget to try it when I'm cookin', I bet you know what I'm talking about ~