Friday, February 28, 2014

The Last Day of February

It has been a cold, cold, snowy winter this year with just one little break a week or so ago for a couple of days.  Otherwise it has not been above freezing for most of the winter and the snow has come in abundance,  a really old fashioned season like the ones we oldsters can remember from years back.  So now that February is about to come to an end, March will arrive and that is the month that  brings (or is supposed to) spring!   It will get here eventually and is at least two months closer than it was the beginning of January!  This last day of  February is also my Ray's birthday - had he lived, he would have been 88 today.

Here is Lauren lying on her new quilt!   I hope she has many hours of fun tummy time  -she certainly looks adorable lying there.  Norah said the quilt brought about a renewal of interest for Henry in the quilt I made him!
I know he spent lots of time on his quilt and it looks like it held up well.  That is what baby quilts are for -  to be used and loved. 
I'm making good progress on this really colorful top!  Spending most of the day working on it.  Good thing to do in this cold weather.  I don't like going out and don't mind staying in.   Tomorrow I about have to make a grocery run and also it's the last day to put the sticker on my license plate so will bite the bullet and do that. 
Some of the blocks lying on the bed with the white part of the flowers appliqued. 
Here are the leaves drawn on fusible web to be ironed to the printed fabrics.  Lots of tracing of the template and lots more cutting of leaves.  That will be the final big push, though.  The applique goes quickly as there are no places that I have to knot the thread since something will go over the edges or they will be in a seam.  I will have to secure the threads in the flower centers.   Altogether,  I will have done 448 leaves.  But they are worth it!

One more thing for the last day of February---the little snowman and squirrel in the picture at the beginning of this post came from my Pinterest Board "The North Wind Doth Blow".  I have been on Pinterest for about 2 1/2 years now and enjoy it so much.  It's full of gorgeous things, lots of good recipes, patterns, inspiration, eye candy, whatever you want.  Today may be the day that I reach 10,000 followers.  As of about a minute ago, I had 9995 so it will probably make it sometime today or tonight.  I think that's pretty cool for such an old lady.  You can look at my boards by clicking the icon at the top of my sidebar.  There are tons of quilt pictures and other needlearts, lots of vintage boards, holidays, flowers, etc. etc.  I love the twenties and thirties and they are well represented there, too.   Pinterest is a fun place!

"Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing."

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Couple of Things

Quite some time ago, I paper pieced this little piece and it has been lying around in a drawer ever since.  
A few days ago, I quilted it and made it into a pillow so one less of many UFO's.  This would make a very pretty large quilt.

So here's what has me preoccupied now -  the batik daisies.   Two blocks are done except for the yellow centers.  I have most of the blocks sewn and am ready to cut out the stems, leaves and flowers.  Lots of cutting but this old paper doll girl is a master at that!   The worst part is tracing all of the sixty-four stems, leaves and all the flower petals.  Stems and leaves are traced and I will make a stencil of the flower petal so that will go quickly.  The daisy centers are easy with my circle template - if I can find it!!  It's down there in the jumble of batiks someplace!!

Just added three new pictures of my little great grandkiddies on my sidebar.  Facetimed with Henry and Lauren last night at Sherry's.  That is so fun to see and hear them!  Three cheers for this wonderful world of technology.  Annie wasn't available - she was with her parents on an outing.  Talked to Hannah, too.  Very cool what you can do on a telephone!!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Splash of Color in this White World

Last fall I went to Frankenmuth with a group of quilters to a quilt show with many vendors which was the first of an event that will be held annually.   The organizers asked for quilts and there were many beautiful ones on display.   Among them was this quilt - I don't know who made it but it really caught my eye and I have been wanting to duplicate it.  So I have now gathered up lots of my pretty bright batiks and bought some more of the white that I already have a piece of in my stash.   This will be a splash of color in this white winter here in our area (and lots of other areas, also)!
Here are four of the blocks put together awaiting the applique of the daisies.  I love these colors!

Then at Park Bench where I was able to find more of the white background, I found this smashing multicolor check which has all of the colors in it plus the gorgeous stripe that just goes with everything and will be used as a border.  I'm thinking I love it!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Little Pink Dress

A little earlier, the crickets in my phone called me and I found two pictures of little Lauren.  This is one of them.    It is her first month birthday and her mommy dressed her in the ruffly, sweet little dress that I bought for Norah the day she was born.  I have written about it and shown pictures before.  I think all three of my granddaughters wore it and also many dollies!   There is a post about sending it to Molly just before Annie was born and also a picture of Hannah in the dress.  So here is Lauren Carol wearing the little pink confection that has stood up well over 36+years.  She is adorable.

Here is my darling little baby girl, Lauren's grandma, in her fluffy pink outfit when she was 8 weeks old.   Where did the years go?   

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Challenge Quilt

Our guild will have its annual quilt show in late April and one of the things that we always do for the show is have a challenge. You can make a 20 x 24 wallhanging that follows a theme.  There are always quite a few of the girls that do this.  These challenges are fun and we have had some outstanding ones.  One year each member wishing to participate drew a playing card and then had to make a piece representing the card.  That year I drew the five of hearts and made this----

I also had a needle and thread in her hand as she stitched.  There were wonderful cards!!   We were asked to exhibit them at a show in Grand Rapids (I think that's where it was).  It was a great display and although we didn't have the entire deck, we had most of it.

This year the theme is Michigan and each of the ladies doing the challenge received a piece of fabric for a road to go through their piece.  You could have it anyplace on the little quilt, but it has to be two inches wide.  It can be curved, at the top, the bottom, anyplace as long as it is two inches wide where it starts and leaves your piece.  We were told to do a scene from our state and with Michigan you have so many options.  I knew almost right away what I would do and have had the fabric gathered up since last fall.  And, by golly, I didn't buy anything to make it!!!!!   Actually found everything I needed in my stash.  I have had the gorgeous aqua batik that looks like snow for a long time and it is perfect.  Also had an inspiration picture which I will show after next month when I show the entire hanging which is raw edge applique done in batiks.   I almost got it all quilted but my thread broke yesterday just before I was done and I had to leave so didn't get it finished.  Will take only a minute or two to get that done.  Kathy showed us at guild the other night now to face it instead of bind it so that the roads will connect easily.  This has been a favorite of mine - lots of fun to do.  And so appropriate - it is snowing again!!!!!!  Five to eight more inches which we really need.  Most likely will not make it to Sit and Sew tomorrow.   This has been such a winter - not just for us but for most of the country!   Spring will come eventually!  All we have to do is hang in there and sew! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

 05+-+Needle+You+-+Vintage+Valentine.jpeg (1275×1600)
Here's a cute little valentine appropriate for those of us who do needle work of any kind.  Love the little cards with the chubby cheeked little kids and the funny little sentiments.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with all of your favorite valentines!
For the past five months, a group of us have been working on round robin quilts that will be in the quilt show in April.  This afternoon I was looking through files on my computer and found lots of old pictures.  There were ones that were row quilts such as the one above.  This is one of the neatest ones that I think I have seen.  Quite a few years ago, Fran started it with the giraffe panel -- including lots of cool fabric in the bag.  One of the girls (I don't remember who did any of the other rows anymore - but they are certainly good ones -- did the zebra, another the snake and still another the cheetah.  I did the last row and thought it needed a person, so I added the lady with her bananas.   A fun one to do and it turned out so well.

One year our summer project was "quilts in a bag" and the idea was that you put whatever you wished into a bag and then someone else had to make a little quilt out of it.  I had the bag of a very dear quilter who is no longer with us - she was such a fun and happy person full of joy even though she was very ill.   There were wild fabrics, cute buttons, some glitzy net and all sorts of goodies in the bag.  I decided to take a very traditional applique block and use the crazy colors on the black background.  The vase had an overlay of the glitzy net.   Claire is missed - she was a beautiful person.

I thought we would get to bring our round robins home this month, but there is one more go around.  Most of them are pretty much finished so there won't be much to work on this time.  Now I will get to the challenge quilt which will be a scene from the state of Michigan with a road going through each one.  They will then be hung together with the roads touching.  Kathy gave us the instructions to face the hangings so there will be no interruption of the road which will be two inches wide and is all a rocky looking fabric.  This should be fun.  I have my fabric, my idea and a little bit done on it.

I love Maxine!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple

Shirley TempleWhen I went on line this morning, the first thing I saw was that Shirley Temple Black had passed away at the age of 85.  It was ironic that I mentioned her in the post I put up yesterday that came from another blog of mine.  She was the same age as I am and I so remember her when I was a very little kid.  Her curls!!!!  How I envied them.  And the beautiful, twirly, flouncy, fluffy skirts she wore - a little girl's dream.  I know I saw some of her movies but how many is fuzzy in my mind.  Probably remember seeing some or parts of some of them on television later on.  She was adorable.  I never had a doll - but then I didn't have many dolls   I am sure I probably had paper dolls. 

Not long after my husband passed away,  I took a trip to California with my son and his wife and her parents.  It was a tour and the highlight was the Rose Bowl Parade.  Shirley was grand marshal of the parade that year so I did get to see her in person, if only at a distance.   She grew into a lovely woman with a good marriage and family--a life well lived.  RIP, Shirley. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Some Reminders of my Early Teens

I was going through my other blog (have not posted anything there for a long, long time) and thought you might enjoy a post  from It once in awhile.  It is Pieces of the Past and full of stories about my family and my husband's family and lots of our ancestors and also our children.  This is one about things I  remember from my teenage years and it was posted September 18, 2009.



Amost the same age as Shirley Temple, I was one of those little girls who had poker straight hair and that was just not right! Permanent waves were the answer - my very first one was from this torturous contraption where your hair was wound on rods and then clamps with wires attached were clamped down on the rod. The beautician put pads under and around everything and when the thing was heating she would fan the hot spots. Can you imagine? Beauty must suffer! I think they were actually pretty good perms, though.Then I spent lots of time "putting my hair up" which was winding it in pin curls and securing the curl with a bobby pin. Why, oh why, did we not have the freedom of having straight hair? There are so many ways we think we should be or how we should look - it's a puzzlement. While the pincurls were drying, I wrapped a bandanna around my head.

Now here is something all of the young teenage girls loved - Tangee! It was orange - really orange - but it turned pink when you put it on your lips. For some reason, that was the first lipstick for all the girls. I can still almost taste Tangee and feel it's waxiness on my lips.

And the wonderful little blue glass bottle of Evening in Paris with the pretty tassel. How wonderful it smelled. I felt so happy when I had one of these. Another fun aroma was Lily of the Valley. All of these delights could be purchased at the local dime store for not much money - which was good since there never was much money to be had. Do you know what, though? The good old days were really pretty darned good - in fact, it's very good looking back on them and remembering. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

All Quilted, Trimmed and Ready for Binding

Just the binding left to do on the little bunny quilt for Lauren!   I am very pleased with it  and have enjoyed putting this little piece together for a sweet little baby girl.  Each one of my great grandchildren has had a quilt and I hope I am around to make more some day.  It's such a great feeling seeing the girls as moms and I hope to one day see Hannah as a mom, also - but this is absolutely no pressure on her and I know she knows that!!

I texted a picture of the finished quilt to the group this afternoon when a little flurry of texting was going on.  Almost immediately, Norah sent back two pictures--
the darling little recipient of the quilt and
her very apropos sleepers that will go well with the bunny quilt!!!   Lauren is certainly a bright eyed little doll.  Who is now about 2 and a half weeks old.

These are three of the parts of the quilt that I really like a lot.   Loved finding the little ducks and putting the little cloud over them on their lake.  And the turtles are adorable--they were a fun find.   Lots of things for Lauren to look at on her quilt.  I will send it off next week, but do want to take it to guild on Tuesday for show and tell.   This has been a fun, fun project and it goes out to Lauren with so much love - just as the other two quilts went out to Henry and Annie.

Now I have to get the round robin for this month done, my two big red quilts trimmed and the binding cut for them so I can have them for our quilt show in April, and my challenge wallhanging which I have figured out and everything gathered up for the project.  Then I know there will be umpteen more things I will see and want to do.   Also have to get Valentine things in the mail, also.  Goodness, how can a person ever be bored!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Some Odds and Ends

My daughter and her husband have a little cabin up north here in Michigan, and Barclay goes up there quite a bit in the winter for work.  He stays at the cabin and this year there has been lots and lots of snow!  Barclay uses snow shoes and here is a picture he took of his tracks as he was crossing the lake!  The little red building is their cabin.  I wonder if it will be out of the snow by Memorial Day!!   A very pretty picture!

A picture of my supper last night (and tonight and tomorrow night!) that I cooked up and it was yummy.  I was going to make spaghetti but anymore I hate boiling the spaghetti - awful to get to where you hate to dirty pans!   Found this recipe on the internet and I had everything needed - it was super easy and quick.  You just put the dry pasta in the sauce and let it cook!!  My kind of dish.  Tonight I think I will make some cornbread and also put some corn in the goulash.     Such a good feeling to have something good in the fridge!
My goof is fixed!  It's a bit thicker than the other but looking at it overall, it looks fine.  Lauren won't care at all.  I have since found two little pieces not sewn that were centered in the ears of one of the little rabbits.  The solution for that was to just pull them off!  No one will miss them as not all of the rabbits have extra pieces in their ears anyway.  Hope I don't find many more!   If I do, I hope they are an easy fix.

It's been snowing most of the day - light at times and heavier at others.   They had been predicting 4 to 8 inches, but I don't think it will be that much.  Probably have had 3 inches or thereabouts.

Words to take to heart--