Monday, February 17, 2014

A Challenge Quilt

Our guild will have its annual quilt show in late April and one of the things that we always do for the show is have a challenge. You can make a 20 x 24 wallhanging that follows a theme.  There are always quite a few of the girls that do this.  These challenges are fun and we have had some outstanding ones.  One year each member wishing to participate drew a playing card and then had to make a piece representing the card.  That year I drew the five of hearts and made this----

I also had a needle and thread in her hand as she stitched.  There were wonderful cards!!   We were asked to exhibit them at a show in Grand Rapids (I think that's where it was).  It was a great display and although we didn't have the entire deck, we had most of it.

This year the theme is Michigan and each of the ladies doing the challenge received a piece of fabric for a road to go through their piece.  You could have it anyplace on the little quilt, but it has to be two inches wide.  It can be curved, at the top, the bottom, anyplace as long as it is two inches wide where it starts and leaves your piece.  We were told to do a scene from our state and with Michigan you have so many options.  I knew almost right away what I would do and have had the fabric gathered up since last fall.  And, by golly, I didn't buy anything to make it!!!!!   Actually found everything I needed in my stash.  I have had the gorgeous aqua batik that looks like snow for a long time and it is perfect.  Also had an inspiration picture which I will show after next month when I show the entire hanging which is raw edge applique done in batiks.   I almost got it all quilted but my thread broke yesterday just before I was done and I had to leave so didn't get it finished.  Will take only a minute or two to get that done.  Kathy showed us at guild the other night now to face it instead of bind it so that the roads will connect easily.  This has been a favorite of mine - lots of fun to do.  And so appropriate - it is snowing again!!!!!!  Five to eight more inches which we really need.  Most likely will not make it to Sit and Sew tomorrow.   This has been such a winter - not just for us but for most of the country!   Spring will come eventually!  All we have to do is hang in there and sew! 


lil red hen said...

Love your little quilts, but that quote! Oh my, you hit the nail on the head!

marlu said...

Great Michigan quilt!