Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

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Here's a cute little valentine appropriate for those of us who do needle work of any kind.  Love the little cards with the chubby cheeked little kids and the funny little sentiments.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day with all of your favorite valentines!
For the past five months, a group of us have been working on round robin quilts that will be in the quilt show in April.  This afternoon I was looking through files on my computer and found lots of old pictures.  There were ones that were row quilts such as the one above.  This is one of the neatest ones that I think I have seen.  Quite a few years ago, Fran started it with the giraffe panel -- including lots of cool fabric in the bag.  One of the girls (I don't remember who did any of the other rows anymore - but they are certainly good ones -- did the zebra, another the snake and still another the cheetah.  I did the last row and thought it needed a person, so I added the lady with her bananas.   A fun one to do and it turned out so well.

One year our summer project was "quilts in a bag" and the idea was that you put whatever you wished into a bag and then someone else had to make a little quilt out of it.  I had the bag of a very dear quilter who is no longer with us - she was such a fun and happy person full of joy even though she was very ill.   There were wild fabrics, cute buttons, some glitzy net and all sorts of goodies in the bag.  I decided to take a very traditional applique block and use the crazy colors on the black background.  The vase had an overlay of the glitzy net.   Claire is missed - she was a beautiful person.

I thought we would get to bring our round robins home this month, but there is one more go around.  Most of them are pretty much finished so there won't be much to work on this time.  Now I will get to the challenge quilt which will be a scene from the state of Michigan with a road going through each one.  They will then be hung together with the roads touching.  Kathy gave us the instructions to face the hangings so there will be no interruption of the road which will be two inches wide and is all a rocky looking fabric.  This should be fun.  I have my fabric, my idea and a little bit done on it.

I love Maxine!!!!!!


carol fun said...

Great projects -they look like they were a lot of fun. Happy Valentine's day!

Leslie said...

Happy love day to you, get some sweets to eat!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful projects.

Happy Valentine's Day to you Carol.