Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple

Shirley TempleWhen I went on line this morning, the first thing I saw was that Shirley Temple Black had passed away at the age of 85.  It was ironic that I mentioned her in the post I put up yesterday that came from another blog of mine.  She was the same age as I am and I so remember her when I was a very little kid.  Her curls!!!!  How I envied them.  And the beautiful, twirly, flouncy, fluffy skirts she wore - a little girl's dream.  I know I saw some of her movies but how many is fuzzy in my mind.  Probably remember seeing some or parts of some of them on television later on.  She was adorable.  I never had a doll - but then I didn't have many dolls   I am sure I probably had paper dolls. 

Not long after my husband passed away,  I took a trip to California with my son and his wife and her parents.  It was a tour and the highlight was the Rose Bowl Parade.  Shirley was grand marshal of the parade that year so I did get to see her in person, if only at a distance.   She grew into a lovely woman with a good marriage and family--a life well lived.  RIP, Shirley. 

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