Monday, April 28, 2014

Quilt Show - Part 2

 Probably the most talked about piece at our show this past weekend is this awesome wallhanging by Kathy Albee.  It looks like you can just touch the fur on the muskrats and feel its texture.  However, that is all done with thread.  As I understand it, she painted the animals then did the thread work on her long arm, cut them out and fused them to the hanging. 
The leaves are beautiful - these are full of threadwork, also.
And these are three dimensional.  It is such a stunning piece of work.

Another lovely quilt by Diane.  This is hand appliqued and gorgeous.
The center of yet another beautiful quilt - Pretty by Hand by Leslie.  The colors are so fresh and pretty.
Another darling piece by Leslie.  I think the name of this is Fifty Shades of Gray.  Her little doggie is depicted here in this fun quilt.

I'm sorry I can't remember the names of the two larger quilts shown here.   The smaller one is what we will be making in a class given by Linda and Leslie this coming Wednesday.  Looking forward to that one - a combo of paper piecing and hand or machine drunkard path blocks.

A lovely quilt made by Kathleen, one of our newer members.   Kathleen is English and has that great accent!  Sounds like she should be on Downton Abbey. 
Here is my red applique hanging at the show.   It always fun to see them hanging and look at them from a distance.  I do like this one - it was a fun one to make.   Tomorrow I will post a few more plus some of the pictures of the trip through Michigan challenge quilts.  Very impressive display.

And a little story - one of our show visitors who I have seen quite a few times came up to me yesterday afternoon and told me she had discovered my blog.  The dear lady has gone back to the very beginning of this little old blog (will be six years the end of May) and has been reading it through it's entirety.   I can't tell you how that warmed my heart - makes me feel so good to know that people enjoy the plain, everyday things I talk about and put on my blog.  Thanks so much to her and to all of you who pop in and read Funoldhag!!  This is one of the things I enjoy doing in my old age and it's nice to know people enjoy it.   Bless your hearts!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Quilt Show Weekend and a Shout out to Helle Reed in Denmark

This is the weekend for our Q2 show and yesterday was the day for setting up.  Here are Annie and Marilyn going around pinning the information per each quilt after the hanging.  At the back is Mary Ann who is co-chairman with Johanna, not in the picture.   Wednesday evening the able bodied quilters and some of their hubbies did all the setting up of the panels which is no easy task.  I always marvel at how quickly the blank panels are filled with lovely pieces of work from our members.   If you are here in Midland or close by, come see our show!  It is today and tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00 and Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00.   Check out the guild blog, Pass the Tiara--there is a link that will take you there on my sidebar.  I will be working this afternoon and Sunday afternoon.  Have been working on the shows for probably 10 years and really enjoy it.

One of the most popular places at our shows is our bazaar!  Here it is being set up yesterday.  Everyone brings in no longer wanted items in the way of books, magazines, FABRIC!, notions and specially made items just for the bazaar.  What a popular place!  A quilt garage sale!
Just a portion of all the good stuff you will find at our show.   I am not diminishing the fact that you will be seeing some gorgeous quilts, also!  It's all good!!!!
More about this fellow in a future post!!!!

And now, this is for Helle Reed in Denmark .  Thank you, Helle, for visiting my blog!  That is part of the fun of blogging is hearing from people from all over the world!  Yes, there is a pattern for the star compass quilt you saw on my post about last year's quilt show.  Linda McGibbon does absolutely gorgeous paper piecing and designs and prints her own patterns.  Linda does awesome work - she does her designing on EQ7, the quilt software.  She also has a website where you can purchase her patterns and here is the link:   Go there and enjoy the gorgeous quilts!!    I hope you find this information - I could not find an e-mail address for you or a blog so will try contacting you this way.

See you at the Show.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter to All!

Easter is almost here - quite late this year.  Spring is late where I live in Michigan, too, with the grass just starting to green up but not much going on with the trees yet.  I did see a clump of daffodils in bloom on the way home from the grocery store.  So it will will come soon and everyone will be glad to have it arrive.  It looks like Easter Day will be nice and about the warmest weather we have had so far.

Isn't this cute?  Angelfood cake covered in seven minute icing, sprinkles and peeps!!   I would be glad to eat some of this sugary delight - it just looks yummy.  Found this on Pinterest, of course!

 Now I would say this looks like the real Easter Bunny, don't you agree?  He was on Pinterest, too.  Back in the day when he used to come to our house,  he used to always leave eggs in the bathtub, shoes, and all sorts of fun places. The little kids he left them for were----
Sherry and Bill, our two little ones back in 1956.  Something funny must have been said since they both have big smiles on their cute little faces.

           HAPPY EASTER



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Short, Sweet Post

Some very sweet little baby sounds from Lauren followed by a sweet kiss from big brother to heal her little ouchie from scratching herself.   Love the little suckling sounds - they grow up so fast.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

An Assortment of Things

First of all, my flowers!  These very old, brave little things have been surviving for maybe 12 years.  I planted a row of crocus one year then after a couple of years started pulling them out.  Last year there may have been some green leaves left.  The other day when I looked out of the patio door, there were two little clumps - one with one bloom and one with three blooms!  What a nice surprise after the cold winter and being buried under probably two feet of snow.  I will not pull these little guys out.

Some new books - really don't need new books but still seem to buy them.  The one on the left you can hardly see is Lori Holt's Granny Square book.  I have been reading Lori's blog (Bee in my Bonnet) ever since I started blogging and that is almost six years ago!!!  She is listed on my sidebar and I am listed on hers.  I know I have had many people visit my blog through Lori's.  Very talented lady!   The middle one is one that I have been seeing lots of patterns and mixes of fabric that I love.  Gorgeous colors.  The other is My Enchanted Garden - a pretty applique book.  Picture is kind of fuzzy. 

I am quilting on Cake Walk now.  Trying to do a small stipple.  I have more control than I used to have by far, but I still get a little ditzie  at times as I quilt along.

Think they are turning out pretty well.  Fun to do.  Now I am going to put some new pictures of the three little sweetie pies on my sidebar. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On the Basement Wall

 Not very neat, but this is what is on the wall in the basement right now.   First in the picture is the strippy diamonds that has been downgraded from a quilt to a tablerunner.  I like it, but I wasn't really enjoying the process.  I figure I am too old to spend lots of time on something that I am not enjoying if I don't have to.
Another change - from the lighter gray and white to this medium dark gray for the leafy vines.  I also went to EQ5 and figured out an arc that would curve across the quilt.  Wish I were better at working with EQ.  I can figure some of the things out and love being able to see what things will look like.  Sometimes when I figure how to do something cool on it, I forget it before I do it again.
The blocks are 8 inches instead of twelve but there are fewer leaves since there is just one arc across the block.   The lighter colors stand out on this gray and I like this much better.  The applique on each block can be done in just a few minutes.
And now my dancers--all appliqued--and I like them a lot.  Not a very big piece but it was fun to do and I am anxious to quilt it.  That piece of black and white is in several of my quilts.  Lots of movement and I think it just goes with the two of them.  Was thinking a small black and white stripe binding or border but this won out.  Will miter the corners since I have plenty of the fabric.

And just an added note - that crazy robin is still flying into my window every once in a while!  

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Very Fun Project

I saw this on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye.  I love it!  Have been thinking about making a wallhanging and doing it in raw applique with batiks.  It is so graphic and lends itself to applique, don't you think?  At first I could not find the artist - it wasn't listed on the pinterest board that I pinned from.  So the other evening I googled "posters" and found one that had to be by the same artist.  It was Ty Wilson so some further searching found all sorts of work he has done.  He is a youngish, black,  contemporary artist and has had great success.  So I hope Ty Wilson doesn't mind if I make myself a wallhanging from one of his wonderful pieces.  There are lots more beautiful things he has done including quite a few more dancing couples like this pair.   This is called Cake Walk.

Don't know why these are sideways, but you can still get the idea.  I printed a picture of the poster out on an 8 x 10 sheet of paper.  Traced the images on the back with a fine Sharpie using my lightbox.
Then I folded it in quarters and scanned each one after which it went into one of my photo programs where it was enlarged to fit an 8 x 10 sheet of paper. 
I was then able to tape the pieces together and came up with a pattern for my cute couple.

And here they are - I love them.  The colors are not true but you can certainly get the idea.  I am cutting snips of fabric with the fusible web on them and randomly ironing them on similar to the original.  I made the fellow's coat to match her dress and will raw edge applique probably in invisible thread.  There is a necklace and bracelet that will be added, also.  Probably will use beads of some sort.   I see one place that I am going to change and that is his right arm - his sleeve needs to be wider at the top.   Don't know whether or not I will border it - am thinking black and white stripe would make a nice binding.  Could back it with that, too.  Now I have to look up whether to make the sandwich before doing the raw edge or do that first.  I suppose either way would work.  Google Ty Wilson and see his great work!  Wish I had talent like that.  I can carry things out and even do something different if I spot an idea,  but hard for me to really come up with something unique. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Robin

While eating breakfast this morning, I kept hearing a strange sound.  Kind of a little "thud" - and at quite close intervals.  Later I was in the front bedroom and saw movement outside the window - it was a robin that would fly into my window!   He kept returning to his perch in the mountain ash close to my house.  I took this picture and then cropped it - not too good but there he is.

A little while ago, the thudding started in again and came every few seconds.  Got my camera phone and made a little video which is through the curtains and not good, but it's also short and shows the robin doing whatever it was he (or she) has been doing all morning and still is.  Dumb little bird - does it want to move in with me or does it love the bird it sees in my window and is trying to start a relationship? 

Hard to see through the curtains, but you can definitely see it hitting the window.   I am sure I will get an Oscar for this film!!!!   The bird is still at it!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Month

It's here - after a long, cold winter!   Doesn't look springy yet here in Michigan, but I finally saw a robin the other day so that means it is officially here for me.  I know others spotted them much earlier and I am glad I finally did see the harbinger of the spring season.    

I have nothing quilty new to show you this April Fool's Day and can think of no trick to pull.  However, I was looking through one of my Pinterest boards where I have some absolutely beautiful pictures!   It is called Reflections. 
 What could be cuter than this little sweetie connecting with herself  in a mirror?
 The photographers have such an eye for spotting gorgeous shots.
This is one of the very first things I pinned.  I love this photo!  Look at the feathers and perfect reflection.
Welcome spring!!  Who can resist a puddle! 

If you enjoyed these, click on my Pinterest icon at the top of the sidebar and go look at the rest of the wonderful, gorgeous pics I have pinned.  I think you will enjoy them!