Friday, April 4, 2014

A Very Fun Project

I saw this on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye.  I love it!  Have been thinking about making a wallhanging and doing it in raw applique with batiks.  It is so graphic and lends itself to applique, don't you think?  At first I could not find the artist - it wasn't listed on the pinterest board that I pinned from.  So the other evening I googled "posters" and found one that had to be by the same artist.  It was Ty Wilson so some further searching found all sorts of work he has done.  He is a youngish, black,  contemporary artist and has had great success.  So I hope Ty Wilson doesn't mind if I make myself a wallhanging from one of his wonderful pieces.  There are lots more beautiful things he has done including quite a few more dancing couples like this pair.   This is called Cake Walk.

Don't know why these are sideways, but you can still get the idea.  I printed a picture of the poster out on an 8 x 10 sheet of paper.  Traced the images on the back with a fine Sharpie using my lightbox.
Then I folded it in quarters and scanned each one after which it went into one of my photo programs where it was enlarged to fit an 8 x 10 sheet of paper. 
I was then able to tape the pieces together and came up with a pattern for my cute couple.

And here they are - I love them.  The colors are not true but you can certainly get the idea.  I am cutting snips of fabric with the fusible web on them and randomly ironing them on similar to the original.  I made the fellow's coat to match her dress and will raw edge applique probably in invisible thread.  There is a necklace and bracelet that will be added, also.  Probably will use beads of some sort.   I see one place that I am going to change and that is his right arm - his sleeve needs to be wider at the top.   Don't know whether or not I will border it - am thinking black and white stripe would make a nice binding.  Could back it with that, too.  Now I have to look up whether to make the sandwich before doing the raw edge or do that first.  I suppose either way would work.  Google Ty Wilson and see his great work!  Wish I had talent like that.  I can carry things out and even do something different if I spot an idea,  but hard for me to really come up with something unique. 


Leslie said...

Very stylish, and jazzy. It will be very cool. I just read the post about the robin, how weird, I have never heard of that. Great video.

Jewels said...

Oh wow Carol you ARE clever - love this and the image. I am sure Mr. Wilson would be flattered!

annquilts2 said...

That is turning out fabulous Carol! Love it!

Karen said...

Hello Carol, thanks for the nice comment on my blog and yes, all is well with me. Cake Walk is fabulous, so clever! And, so smart the way you enlarged the pattern.