Sunday, April 13, 2014

An Assortment of Things

First of all, my flowers!  These very old, brave little things have been surviving for maybe 12 years.  I planted a row of crocus one year then after a couple of years started pulling them out.  Last year there may have been some green leaves left.  The other day when I looked out of the patio door, there were two little clumps - one with one bloom and one with three blooms!  What a nice surprise after the cold winter and being buried under probably two feet of snow.  I will not pull these little guys out.

Some new books - really don't need new books but still seem to buy them.  The one on the left you can hardly see is Lori Holt's Granny Square book.  I have been reading Lori's blog (Bee in my Bonnet) ever since I started blogging and that is almost six years ago!!!  She is listed on my sidebar and I am listed on hers.  I know I have had many people visit my blog through Lori's.  Very talented lady!   The middle one is one that I have been seeing lots of patterns and mixes of fabric that I love.  Gorgeous colors.  The other is My Enchanted Garden - a pretty applique book.  Picture is kind of fuzzy. 

I am quilting on Cake Walk now.  Trying to do a small stipple.  I have more control than I used to have by far, but I still get a little ditzie  at times as I quilt along.

Think they are turning out pretty well.  Fun to do.  Now I am going to put some new pictures of the three little sweetie pies on my sidebar. 


Leslie said...

Oh boy looks like some great books. Just heard from our neighbor up north and they are getting socked with snow. uhhhhh

Jackie Fellows said...

Your stippling looks great. The dance couple is going to be great. Can't wait to see it in person.