Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On the Basement Wall

 Not very neat, but this is what is on the wall in the basement right now.   First in the picture is the strippy diamonds that has been downgraded from a quilt to a tablerunner.  I like it, but I wasn't really enjoying the process.  I figure I am too old to spend lots of time on something that I am not enjoying if I don't have to.
Another change - from the lighter gray and white to this medium dark gray for the leafy vines.  I also went to EQ5 and figured out an arc that would curve across the quilt.  Wish I were better at working with EQ.  I can figure some of the things out and love being able to see what things will look like.  Sometimes when I figure how to do something cool on it, I forget it before I do it again.
The blocks are 8 inches instead of twelve but there are fewer leaves since there is just one arc across the block.   The lighter colors stand out on this gray and I like this much better.  The applique on each block can be done in just a few minutes.
And now my dancers--all appliqued--and I like them a lot.  Not a very big piece but it was fun to do and I am anxious to quilt it.  That piece of black and white is in several of my quilts.  Lots of movement and I think it just goes with the two of them.  Was thinking a small black and white stripe binding or border but this won out.  Will miter the corners since I have plenty of the fabric.

And just an added note - that crazy robin is still flying into my window every once in a while!  


Jewels said...

Carol all three are great but your dancers really take the prize! Lovely - hope to see you at the quilt show. Off to the cottage this Friday....J

Leslie said...

Wow, how great is all of your samples. He is a horny little devil, who thinks he is in danger of loosing his women. lol Gars procedure went well and he already feels much better. Sorry I missed tonight.

marlu said...

The black and white is just right for the dancers! Great work.

Anonymous said...

Checked on the internet and it said the bird is being territorial until he finds a mate. Guess you will have to do some quick matchmaking!!!