Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Most Beautiful Quilt!

Keeping my promise from the other day, here is the indescribably beautiful wool quilt that Diane has been working on for about two years.  It is a block of the month and she has it almost finished now.   The swag borders are being put on and appliqued.  It is all appliqued and embroidered by hand and is just pure eye candy.

A closer look at one of the blocks and parts of others.  The colors are just so beautiful.  Diane's embroidery stitches are wonderful.

Two more blocks - I adore the sunflower one with the little blue flowers!  You can see she is working on the swag at this corner of the quilt.
This block has a spider and spider web featured.  The more you looked at this the more you saw such as the little beads or french knots at the tips of the stitches surrounding the flowers.  What a wonderful accomplishment to have this work of art almost finished.    I am in awe, Diane!
And here is the really cool lady who brought her really cool quilt to our Sit and Sew yesterday.  Diane is lots of fun with a big smile on her face almost all the time--maybe not when she is paper piecing, but I think that might be one of the only times.   My hat is off to you, Diane!!  You have made a masterpiece!


annquilts2 said...

Your right Carol! STUNNING! Great work Diane!

marlu said...


Jewels said...

Wow that really is gorgeous Carol! What perseverance after all this time but it will be beautiful when it is done...