Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Almost There

Almost pieced!!!   Just have the pieces for the borders to finish now -  the rest are done!!!!!   Needed a break so thought I would just put up a post. 
Don't know why I even have a waste basket by my machine.  This is absolutely neat compared to what I picked up yesterday.  I start out trying to get the trimmings and thread in the basket, but soon caution is thrown to the winds and everything falls where it wants to go.  I have always and forever been a messy sewer, but I do clean it up when things get too deep.

Last night was our quilt guild meeting and they gave all the information on our quilt show the end of April.   The people attending the show vote on their favorites in five or six categories.  I was lucky enough to win prizes in three of them.  My Red Dresden Plates came in third in it's category.  In the challenge quilts (the ones on Michigan), my Michigan Tree farms came in second and my I Am Unique Challenge quilt took first.  So now I have a nice little sum of money which I plan to put back into the quilting world by buying some Kaffe fabrics.   The Bench had lots and lots of pretty ones and you can never have enough fabric.

Think I have my second wind now, so will get back and do the last four little paper pieced pieces!  See you later!

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marlu said...

Congratulations on your wins!