Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cake Walk Done and Scrappy Flowers Started

Here is Cake Walk quilted and the binding ready to be sewn down.  Only thing after that will be a necklace and bracelet from amber beads for the girl.  The snippets of black and red "confetti" were fused to the background and then I caught each one with a stitch or two as I quilted.  Enjoyed making this little piece.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  The flowers are from Kim McLean's Flower Garden quilt.  Quite some time ago I saw a great version of the center of that quilt on    It had a pieced background and was done in panels.  So yesterday I cut a lot of 8 1/2 strips in varying widths for the background blocks.  I think I will have three rows of four flowers--a nice sized wallhanging.  Will definitely find something to border it with - maybe polka dots.  Using all Kaffe fabric scraps for the flowers.  So fun to work with.  How I love scrappy!!!  This afternoon I did all the tracing of the parts for the 12 flowers on fusible web then comes the fun part of picking the fabric.   I pressed all the seams in the pieced blocks open and think that will work fine.

On Wednesday, Linda and Leslie taught a class on a paper pieced drunkard's path hanging.  Nice turnout!   Leslie brought along her daughter's lightweight machine for me to use.  It's getting pretty hard for me to haul my heavy Bernina and all the trappings so I really appreciated being able to use Elle's sewing machine.  I have done quite a bit of paper piecing - very simple kind - and this really wasn't that hard but I did a lot of screwing up.  I think  I flunked!   But, not to worry, when I got home I got everything straightened out, organized and I think I will be doing much better when I get back at it.  I do know that I needed to change one color out and when I did I liked it much better.  However this scrappy flower thing called me and I could not resist!!   Applique will always be my first love in quilting.
Hope I haven't already put this one up!!    True words!


marlu said...

Absolutely love the Cakewalk.
The flower one is such a contrast and I like it too. Great use of background!

Pokey said...

Your cakewalk is so cool, Carol! Show it with the beads too, that will be a sweet finish. Is this piece going to hang anywhere special?

Your flower is beautiful, I appreciate your flair for colors and patterns. Who cares if you took a long time to get your paper piecing worked out, you are doing the most important thing you can be doing:
continuing to LEARN!

Karen said...

Cakewalk if fabulous Carol and I love the flower too, great background.

Jewels said...

Oh My Carol that Cake Walk is absolutely fantastic - I am Pinning it! Love the little flower too.... hugs

Leslie said...

Can't wait to see even more detail on that Cakewalk piece. It is so jazzy. Love the Kaffe fabrics, that is one of my favorites also, can't wait to see the progress on it. Make sure you keep us posted. lol
I am seeing flowers at Kmart already, and I feel the itch to buy coming on.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

You have been on a roll with your fun projects, Carol!

I understand about your sewing machine being heavy...I have a Bernina too...I attended a 2 day daytime quilting retreat Friday and Saturday...out of 50 that were there about 22 had new light weight sewing machines that did everything mine does...I'm thinking hummmmmm... mothers day is just around the corner :)


Meg Jewell said...

Hello from Meg in Massachusetts! I spent the entire night reading your blog. Wow! I pinned your Cakewalk. Love the energy, the colors, the design - I really love it. Thank you for all your inspiring projects.