Monday, May 19, 2014

Contemplating Running Away From Home

This is ridiculous!  But it's so much fun picking out the little pieces for applique and especially from Kaffe fabric.  No way can I keep the fabric in neat piles or the scraps off the floor.   I figure I might just as well let everything fall wherever it happens to land and then clean it all up after it is over.   Piles of fabric like this do tend to hide things - such as scissors, marking pens, rulers, etc.   And I just found my 6 and 1/2 inch square Omni ruler at the bottom of the box of Kaffe scraps!  Now I wonder where in heavens name the six inch one is!!!! 
And the mess continues to the floor plus the ironing board.   I have since folded lots of the fabric and have it back in boxes but it will most likely be out again soon.  Do you do this?  I rather imagine there are quite a few quilters who are as messy as I am or almost as messy.

Out of all the chaos comes some very pretty blocks.  The three new ones are all ready to be machine buttonholed.  I am now thinking of either making this bigger or of doing a big one like it with these fabrics and traditional or folk art blocks.  I so love the many fabrics in the backgrounds and would like to do more.  Thinking about putting a folk art basket about four times the size of one of the blocks to use as a center then blocks all around.  Mulling it over in my mind!
Here are all nine blocks waiting to be appliqued.  I see the two bottom left blocks have the same print next to each other.  Will have to do some shuffling around.  And, by the way, I have my paper pieced project all together ready to be pressed and sandwiched for quilting.  It went together slick as a whistle!


carol fun said...

WOW WOW WOW!!! These are gorgeous Carol. Oh you are tempting me to try this. And it is impossible to be neat and creative in my opinion - have fun!

Donna~~ said...

Your sewing area in your photo is cleaner than mine right now. I've been working with Kaffes for another Roseville block, and it sure makes a mess auditioning them. Thanks for making me feel a bit more normal! I've thought of running away, but would likely have to fold all the fabric first, so I could take it with me! Your blocks are lovely!

Jewels said...

your so funny Carol - love the "mess" because the results are so wonderful - you continue to be so creative :)

Jewels said...

your so funny Carol - love the "mess" because the results are so wonderful - you continue to be so creative :)

lil red hen said...

This looks like my sewing room when I'm string piecing.
Your blocks are beautiful!

Leslie said...

Oh my, sometimes that's all you can say. lol