Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to All You Moms

Since this is Mother's Day, I thought I would post this old, old picture in memory of my dear mother, Nan Droll, who has been gone a long, long time.   I think of her often--how hard she (and Dad) worked to keep my siblings and me fed, clothed and ready to go out in the world as young adults.  Times were nothing like they are now and life was both easier and harder.   Easier because of the simplicity of  and less hectic times we lived in.   Harder because there were not the huge array of the now necessary things that made the hard, tedious tasks of everyday life much less burdensome.   I am thinking of washers, dryers,  all the equipment for taking care of yards---on and on the list goes.   Mom did the laundry on the old back porch, summer and winter, after heating the water on the coal stove.  Naturally it was a wringer washer.  Drying was done on the line in good weather - but in the winter it was done on the side porch, kitchen, wherever a spot could be found.  That sweet lady worked so very hard!  

The radio was the main form of entertainment when I was a kid.  An occasional movie was a big treat - no electronics!   There was never an abundance of money at our house, but I look back on my childhood and I love what I remember.  We made our own fun - played on the riverbank,  and the field across the road from our house was where all the kids in Rome (Illinois, that is) would get together and play ball - or fly kites.  No organized play back then.  We did not grow up as quickly as the young people do today.  Although I do envy the choices that are so much better especially for girls in this day and age, there is much that I don't envy and am glad I grew up when I did.  And I thank my Mom, and Dad, to, for the love and sacrifices they made for us and for keeping us warm, safe, our tummies full and headed in the right direction.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  And don't you just love Mom's cloche hat?

And an added note - I am going along great on the paper piecing now!!  Just have the last five halves of the final blocks to piece.  There are eight small pieces to do which go in the border.   Hallelujah!!


Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful mothers day post, Carol.

Happy Mother's Day!


Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful post. I was so touched. Thank you for sharing your precious Mom with the rest of us. I loved reading your descriptions of what life was like when you were small. You have a gift for writing, that is for certain.