Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nice Thing About Blogging

Way back in June, 2009, I did several posts where I put up patterns for The Flower Garden Quilt as they appeared in the Peoria paper in the 1930's.  I had found the entire set cut out, folded and in with Ray's mother's things.  Several people commented on these old patterns for embroidery.  Today I found this comment--

Carol Toronto Canada said...

Thank you for posting the Ruby McKim flower garden patterns from the Peoria Journal....my Grandmother made it in 1930's from a patterns published in the Chatelaine Magazine (Canada). all stitched by hand. We found it inside another quilt and the plan is to make a new one, I have some of the pattern squares but now thanks to your post in 2009 I have a complete set.

There is no e-mail address or blog associated with Carol in Toronto, but maybe she reads my blog.   Nice to hear from people you do not know at all.

And I have also received an e-mail with a copy of my butterfly quilt done in 2009 from Siena who saw it and wants to make one like it.  That little wall hanging was in a magazine which I no longer have but I did have the templates and I told her what size the blocks were so she should be able to make one.   I also sent her a couple of closeup pictures of two blocks.  Hope she enjoys making this little quilt - it is one of my favorites.

Today was Sit and Sew - always a fun time, but today was "funner" than usual.  I have some really cool pictures of a really cool quilt done by a really cool lady that I will do a post on in a day or two!   Stay tuned!



ah come on...lets see the pics...I couldn't make sit n' sew today...now I am really sad about it...can't wait to see the pics

Quilt Musings said...

I recently 'stumbled' onto your blog from someone's sidebar reader list because I LOVE your blog name! :) Then I read your about me and several of your posts and I am hooked - I don't miss a post :) I guess I am telling you that because of your post today. I'm guessing you have lots of lurkers reading your blog and soaking in all they can from your experience. I know I am :) Sending you a huge thank you to you for sharing!