Thursday, May 8, 2014

Paper Piecing, The Perils of

Last week, I took the class given by Linda and Leslie for a paper pieced hanging that is also a drunkard's path block.  There were some absolutely lovely color schemes picked out by the students.  This is mine - but I did change it from my original pick. I had picked out green where the yellow is and the yellow was where the white with black dots is now.  I do like this much better.  The little touches of yellow make everything pop.    I have paper pieced before so am not a complete novice at this method.
This was my first attempt at this kind of paper piecing - it was a pattern in one of the quilt magazines quite a few years ago.  It has some of the ugliest fabric in it, but I love the way it looks.  And how pleased I was with me (named it Attagirl Carol) for the curved piecing which I had not done before.
This was another pattern from a old Quilters Newsletter done in batiks.   This was lots of fun to do.
A New York Beauty done in oriental fabrics - one of my favorites.  
And this is a smallish wallhanging I did in a class with Linda several years ago.  Some really small pieces in this one.  The colors aren't true in this picture.  This hangs over the stairwell to my basement.
So I have paper pieced quite a bit.  Then why am I making so many goofy mistakes and ripping, ripping, ripping!  All five of the blocks that I have finished or nearly finished have been taken apart to some extent at least once and some twice.  One thing that could be part of the reason is that I didn't get home with my "road map" that shows the line drawings for each block and how many to make.  I am going by a small colored picture of the piece and have divided it into blocks.  I will get the block almost done and then nasty words will come from my mouth as I discover I have screwed up again!!  However, I think I am getting more in the groove with it and may finally make a complete block without ripping!  Not having any trouble with the curved seam - well, not yet, anyway!  So five blocks down and eleven to go!! 

A gorgeous bright spot to my day in the form of this bouquet for Mother's Day from Bill and Ann, my kids in Kansas!!  It is beautiful and I thank you two sweeties so much. 
Don't know whether I used this one before or not, but it certainly is appropriate!


lil red hen said...

I love paper piecing! There are lots of things to watch for where mistakes can be made. For instance, sometimes I don't get my piece folded back when trimming the seam allowance, and cut it off! But I have learned to be patient with it, especially ripping seams.

Jewels said...

man Carol I would have given up = good for you for sticking with it! Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day weekend...hugs

Pokey said...

You are so accomplished, Carol. I love every one of these pp projects, and it is cool to see how you've changed in your color/fabric selections. You are truly a Modern Millie these days. I sure like your flower applique, too ~