Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Bit of This and That

Bambi was in my front yard last evening.  Walked past the door and looked out to see this little thing in my yard.  It didn't stay long but I got a picture before the little baby left.  Don't know where her (or his) momma was -- it left soon after this was taken and went across the street.  Such a little, lanky thing - could not be very old.   I think the deer had a hard time this winter with all the snow.
 Working on my flower garden.  In the process of cutting and fusing the flower pot which will have three big flowers on the empty stems plus some leaves.  The little squares at the top are to see if I want to put a little border all around the center panel.  I also have at least three more blocks to make, and I do have all of these shown machine appliqued now.  Still don't know how big I will make it.   I really, really like this one.  Stay tuned to see what comes of it.    Yesterday I did some real gardening -- planted and hung a couple of baskets.  Stupid me left the nozzle on the hose all winter and now it's on there to stay, I think.  I bought a new nozzle but can't get the old one off the hose, so now I will go buy a hose.  Anymore, I just don't sweat that sort of thing as it's just not worth it.  Will consider it a lesson learned to take the nozzle off the hose for the winter.  I do undo the hose from the faucet as I know that's bad news if you leave it on.

Here they are - Henry and Lauren and both are lying on their quilts.  Their mommy labeled the picture something like Trouble One and Trouble Two.   They are absolute cutie pies - and so is their little cousin Annie.  Will have to get a new picture of Annie and get it up.  I am so well pleased with my three great grandchildren!!   I love the pictures, little videos and Facetime that we do with the families - and with Hannah, too.  Keeps you so much closer to them when they are far away.


Jewels said...

How great to see them on both their quilts Carol!

Leslie said...

Oh I love your little quote at the end. Elle has a bag she carries that says "keep calm and carry yarn" Isn't that so cute.