Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Sixteen Patch

My Flower Garden is almost done - just need to tweak the rows of the sides and sew them on.  Will post a picture of it when it is finished - should do that tomorrow!  Working with all the pretty Kaffe Fassett fabric got me thinking about another quilt and - yes - I started another one!   I have noticed some really pretty 16 patches and after doing the Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt, I knew that it is quick to sew the four strips together, then cut them in four more strips and sew those together.
Here are three blocks in their first step of coming together.  I so enjoy picking the fabrics.   I'm using at least 90% Kaffe with some dots, stripes, and a few other compatible pieces thrown in.  The colors are light and medium.  There are a few I'm not sure about but they can be discarded without a problem.
Some of these I have had for a long, long time.  Doing a pretty good job of using up some of my pieces.  Of course, most of my pieces are less than one-third yard and some of them look like swiss cheese because of the fussy cutting I have done on them.  The Flower Garden quilt came mainly from a box of just plain scraps!
Here are the blocks on the wall in the basement.  I have them set on point but don't think I will make the top that way.  I have about 65 blocks made - they are 8 inches - and I would like to make this big enough for the bed in my sewing room.  I may make it 72 by 80 so figure I have about 35 more to make, but I won't put on a border - just bind it.  As you can imagine, my basement is a mess again - but I won't take anymore pictures.   Just remember what it looked like in a previous post - it is pretty much in the same messy condition as it was back then.  Only way to work - except it's so hard to find anything.

Happy First Day of Summer!!!!   Hope it was a good one for you.

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Leslie said...

Oh boy that will be very pretty. I can't wait to see it.