Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Sunday in June

A cute little three year old girl getting ready to blow out the candles on her birthday cake!   It's Sherry, my daughter, back in Chillicothe in 1954.  Happy Birthday, my dear daughter!!!  Her cake is on the blue hobnail cakestand that many, many birthday cakes stood on over the years.  I love the way Marsha, the little girl on Sherry's left, is all puckered up to blow, too, as are at least two others.  Marsha is Sherry's cousin who is one year older.   Where, oh where have the years gone!

And it is also Father's Day!!  I am going to post a couple of pictures of my dear father who has been gone many years.  Dad was such a hard working man - he and Mom both worked so hard to raise my siblings and me.  Here is a picture that I had never seen until a few years ago.  It is so precious to me - there are hardly any photos of Dad at that time and not many of Jo and Bud.  I was the first grandchild in Peoria so there are lots of pictures of me.
Jo is sitting on the left , Dad holds Bud and I am on the right.  Another thing that is amazing is that Dad wore white pants.  I am sure he got all dressed up to come to my grandparents' home since that is where the picture is taken.  There are a lot of other ones that were taken that day, but this is the only one with him.
This is the way I remember my dad a lot.   He did a lot of hunting and fishing - and we ate what he caught!!  I was not crazy about wild duck but you ate what was presented by your mom!  I am sure the reason Dad is beaming is that he probably has the limit that day.  The next step would be to dress the ducks.  I can still see him in the kitchen with a washtub, pulling the feathers off the ducks and putting them in the tub.  Then I seem to remember Mom lighting some newspaper and singeing the pinfeathers, etc., off the carcass.   A mess, but the ducks coming out of Mom's oven were always beautiful - even if I didn't care for them.  I only liked the little legs that were moister than the rest of the meat.  

So on this Father's Day, I think of my Dad with so much love and look back on my childhood with happy memories and a feeling of love and security, thanks to my dear parents.  Being poor and not having a lot of 
"things" just isn't that bad!   And I am also thinking of my Ray, who was a great dad, also!!   He would have been so thrilled with the three little great grandkiddies!  He adored little ones.   

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Sherry said...

Love the post mom! Dad was the best and so are you!