Friday, June 6, 2014

Flower Garden - Both Quilt and Actual

I bought two of these gorgeous begonias on Sunday along with the pretty lavendar flower and some licorice foliage that hangs down but can't be seen in this picture.  This is one of the three things that I actually planted this year.  The rest are hanging baskets I bought.  Nothing is down where the deers could dine except the big pot along the side of the house and I don't think they will like the flowers in that one.  Could be wrong.
 This is a beautiful ivy geranium basket I have on my privacy fence.  Love the hot pink and it is full of blooms and buds.  I did stick a few sweet allysum plants at the edge and hope they flourish and hang down the sides.  I love that little plant so much.
 Not a flower!!  When we were at the big gift shop at Warmbiers (a wonderful wonderland of stuff) I found this ceramic pink flamingo.  Today I got out my awl and hammer, made a hole and put in a small screw.  Also have a nail that comes through one of the holes in the lower part so it will hang straight.  I have had pink flamingos in my gardens for years and thought this would be fun for the summer.   They make me smile.
This is the flower garden vase fused down ready for applique.  I may change the three big flowers.  It has a lot of blue in it, so maybe just the tulips might be changed out.  So many options.


Leslie said...

The pink flamingo. Me thinks that was a drink at a bar by the same name that I may have visited once upon a time.

marlu said...

I love blue so the tulips look just right to me. So beautiful. And I enjoy the flowers of nature too!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

OH wow I love your flamingo. Would love to have it on my porch. haha
Your flowers are really pretty too.
Hope you are well and enjoying warmer weather.

Denise SA said...

I love your flowers in the garden as well as the flowers on your quilt