Thursday, June 12, 2014

Short Post - Three Cute New Pictures

 Annie!!  Love her skirt, her pigtail, her dimple and her big grin!  A little over 18 months, she is a doll baby.  According to Hannah, Annie is like a little parrot!
And Lauren!  What a happy little cutie this baby girl is.  She just beams cutemess.   Likes her little toes, too.
What a darling size and she looks so cuddly.
Oh, Henry!  You are one handsome little fellow.  This is a picture from a card made at day care for Father's Day for Chad!   Super clever idea along with a cute little poem.

Could not resist posting these pictures of my three great grandchildren!!   Both grandparents and great grandparents love to show off the pictures of the younger generation.  Wish they were closer but I so enjoy the videos and pictures of them and the facetime, also.

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Jewels said...

They sure are cuties Carol - share as many pics as you like!