Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finally Quilted!

Finally finished quilting on Sue has a Crush on Kaffe!  I have been working on this for most of the past week and just put the final stitches in a little while ago.  Quilting the rays on the triangles was giving me fits - the thread kept breaking and I was using a bunch of choice words!  I changed the needle (I am bad about keeping the same one in my machine for a long time - shame, shame) and that seemed to help immensely.  The block backgrounds and outlining the little girls went very smoothly, thank goodness.  Finished up the border today so it's ready to be trimmed and bound.
Here is a corner of the quilt so you can see what I did to the border.  Nothing fancy, just some meandering up and down. I really do like the way the triangles look even though they gave me fits.
Hope no one examines them closely since they are not spaced very evenly and are wavy, but overall look pretty good.   

Tuesday I went to Saginaw with Leslie, Linda and Kathy to go to a art quilt exhibition whose juror was Janna, one of the long time members of our quilt guild.  Not a very big exhibit, but it was lovely and well worth going to see if you are in the Saginaw area.  It's at the Saginaw Art Museum until September 6th.  Here is what greeted you as you walked toward the area -
This is all done in one inch squares that end up as one-half inch squares after being sewn.    Hard to imagine how a person can do this.  Her name is Deb Hyde and she also had two other pieces in the show.  I found this on the internet.  Why I did not take pictures is beyond me!  I found another picture similar to the won she won first place with -
Her work is awesome.  We had four of our members represented at the exhibit - Kathy M. was one of them.   Also showing work was Kathy A (the girl who did the racoons that I showed from our guild show), Nancy S and Janna.    We went from there and had a nice lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  Great little road trip with some great gals!   


carol fun said...

Oh my goodness - Sue has a crush on Kaffe is WONDERFUL! I'd have never thought of combining the two and you did it perfectly. Your quilting looks great. I'll be borrowing that idea for the rays in the triangles - looks great. And WOW - I'd love to see those art quilts in person. Fanstastic work. Thanks for sharing - it makes my day! Hugs!

Leslie said...

Yes it was a great day, I always have fun with you!