Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

Hope you are having a bang-up time this July 4th!  And it would be nice of your weather is as nice where you are as it is here in Michigan.   Things are quiet at my house but all is well.

Have been going on a cleaning out spree that started on last Sunday's power outage when I cleaned some drawers.  That has gone on to the bottoms of my closets in the bedroom that were a mess and also to the shelves above where the clothes hang.  Even did some shredding of old bank reconcillation sheets which had gone way beyond the seven years needed to keep them for tax purposes.  The basement is pretty much back to where it should be so some things have been accomplished.

On Monday, I will get to see my nephew and his wife, Molly, who are on an extended trip in their motor home and I so look forward to that.   They live in Florida and have been on the road for some time.

Yesterday I had another visitor!!

My friend, Kathy, brought her little granddaughter, Alexandria, over to see me.  Grandma Kathy was taking her around and showing her off - and rightfully so!!  This is one adorable little baby doll.  Such a sweet, friendly little girl - she actually took a little nap on my lap.  She is a little older than my little cutie pie greatgranddaugher, Lauren, but they aren't that far apart so Lauren is most likely doing similar things in the way of noises, etc.  

Happy 4th from Funoldhag!


Leslie said...

Oh my how special to get to see her. She is very cute, just like grandma says!

Jewels said...

Happy fourth to u too Carol! It's a sense if accomplishment to get cleaning done isn't it. :)