Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Progressing

Coming right along with this one.  Amazing how the quilting calms down the puffy background without making pleats.  Well, at least so far, that is!

Just had a couple of reasons for a short post.  First of all, I think you know that where I live we have lots of critters!  Deer eat our flowers, skunks have dug up our yards at times, turkeys trot up and down our streets looking for food beneath bird feeders, little ground squirrels chatter on our stoops and there have even been sly little foxes from time to time.  This summer we have another critter creating a nuisance - or at least I think I know which one it is.  Blaming it on racoons - they have taken to getting into the trashcans in our carports, dumping them over and, if the lid comes off, having a feast at what they find amid the contents.  Mine has been dumped several times and I even bought a new one with a locking lid.  Didn't work!  So now I have a double bungee cord over the top and have been putting some ammonia in the sacks.  So far, so good on that.  This morning when I looked out my across the street neighbor had been visited by the roaming racoons.   The can was overturned and things on her carport floor - not a lot, but some.   Today is our yard cleanup day and the crew is in here doing the lawns. Looked out the window and there was one of the young fellows who has been trimming the sidewalks turning the trashcan up and putting the spilled contents back in.  How nice is that for a random act of kindness.  I am sure that is not in his job description, but good for that young fellow!!   Warmed the cockles of my heart, as the old saying goes!!!!

Then later on I made myself feel bad.  Realized I had forgotten my hair appointment yesterday and OMG how I needed it.  Can't get in until next Wednesday.  I am to the point where I feel like going into hiding.  Well, I guess you win some and lose some, right!  Luckily, that is not something I have done except for a couple of times in the fifteen or more years I have been with my beautician.

So remember that, Carol!!


lil red hen said...

We have raccoons here too! There was a dead one in the field yesterday morning; I'm guessing the dogs killed it. Pretty brave of them! There are usually raccoon tracks in the barns where I feed the cats.

Connie said...

I love all of your tiny stitches :)
Just beautiful.

Jewels said...

Lol - I think you can still be seen in public Carol :)

Leslie said...

Oh boy ....we too have been having a battle up north. Ours is with chipmunks. They are very cute but we are in a full war with them. One got stuck in our garage and just chewed his way out thru the garage door. Urrrrrrr