Thursday, July 10, 2014

July is Scooting By

This morning I trimmed the excess batting and backing from this quilt.  This is the one that started with a rainbow batik jelly row sewn into a row quilt and ended up being cut up into blocks and combined with Kaffe prints.  Really hodgepodge but bright and pretty.

Here is a close up of some of the fabrics in the quilt and
here is another one.  What a delight to work with the rich colors in batiks and the Westminister fabrics.   Some of them are absolutely really ugly but it all seems to work so well.

I have had a big week - my nephew and his wife were here for a visit from Florida and it was so good to see Michael again and to meet Molly, his wife, for the first time.  They both are retired from the service and are taking a big trip in their new motor home through the northeast.  Sherry came over, too, and we all went out to dinner later.  While we were at dinner, Sherry started to get texts - I had forgotten to put my phone in my purse.  Well, good, good news which I'm not going to elaborate on just yet but let it suffice to say that I am tickled pink!!

Next day I had an appointment with my pulmonoligist which I was rather dreading from last visit.  However, it was a good outcome and I will have another scan and visit in December.  I have actually been feeling pretty darned good although my stamina is not nearly what it used to be.  However at almost 86 that would probably be the case anyway!  I can't walk a long way anymore but could push a cart around Target or the grocery store all day and be fine but occasionally a trip up to my mailbox tends to fluster me.   All in all, I would say I don't have much to complain about!!   I'm still as excited about my quilting as I ever was and enjoy the things I do on the computer.  Pretty fortunate old woman!

The weather we have been having is amazing!!  No real heat yet this summer - I mean the bad stuff.  Yesterday it was so cool and the air was dry.  Tends to be repeating itself today.  For me, that is so welcome since I am not a hot weather girl!!!!   It's different now then it used to be, however, because I don't have any outside work to take care of anymore so can just stay in when it's hot.

Guess I will take a trip to the mall and take back some shoes I ordered online from Kohl's.  I bought another pair of sketchers which are so comfy, but this pair is too big.  Have done a lot of rambling on!!  See you next time.


annquilts2 said...

Carol - You. Old?? I think not. The quilt is spectacular! Love it.

Leslie said...

Loved seeing the quilt again. It really photographs we'll. you have such a great eye for color. Am awaiting to hear your good news. See you soon.