Friday, August 22, 2014

A Good Birthday!

I feel so good knowing that there are quite a lot of people including all of my family that took the time to wish me a happy birthday in so many different ways.   Phone calls, texts, facetime, cards, facebook messages, flowers, comments on Funoldhag - it was a lovely day topped off with going out to dinner with my dear daughter, Sherry.   As I said before, I am a blessed old lady!   And thank you for the lovely comments to my post.  Some of you I don't even know, but how sweet that you took the time to read my ramblings and leave me a nice comment.  All in all, I start out my journey to 87 feeling very, very good!!
Had to show you this darling card Sher found - it is 3D and perfect for an old quilter like me.  She also gave me a clock for my sewing room!!  I have been looking for one but she didn't know that.  And it is a quilter's clock!  How tickled I am with that!  Will show it later when I get batteries in it and have it on the wall above my sewing machine.  The old one I have has hands that stick together every so often so is as good as nothing.

I did get in some sewing--here are the four borders for the little ducks in a row quilt.  The other three rows are fused and  ready for applique stitching then it will be just picking out the inner small border and putting it altogether.  I also got all of the awful mess of fabric tamed in the basement and still have lots and lots of "precious" little scraps back in their little bin.  Many of the pieces of the border came from that box.

Almost the weekend.  Next weekend will be Labor Day holiday - summer will be winding down even though here it doesn't seem like there has been much of a summer.  Such a nice one, though.


Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carol! What a sweet card. So nice to spend time with go girl ! 87 and counting!

ES said...

That birthday card! How perfect!!! x

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday!
I enjoy reading your blog. You're so talented and I love your spirit!
May God Bless you with many more healthy years,