Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Nice Week

Annie came to town Wednesday and brought along her parents.  How great to see them all again and to see how much Annie has grown!.  What a sweet little girl.  She talks a lot for her age and is such a good eater.   She loves veggies and fruits and almost everything.  Don't think I've ever seen a little one who will eat that way.  She and her grandma and grandpa are having such a good time together.  They all went back up to the cabin yesterday right after we had some breakfast at Big Boy - thus the picture.  She was fascinated with the rocks as she has been doing a lot of throwing rocks into the lake at the cabin.

While at Sherry's the other day, she got out some of the girls' and her old dresses-some she had made and some I had made.  What fun to see dresses I had sewn for Sherry when she was small.  I didn't realize how many of them she had.  There was also a darling dress that she had smocked for one of her girls.  She has always been a good seamstress but has not had the time for it for years.  Then there was this little wallhanging that I made for Hannah in 1989.  I had forgotten what it looked like.  Back then, we didn't quilt as closely as we do now and quilts were much puffier.  This one is hand quilted and hand appliqued.  I brought it home but, of course, it will go back after I have taken it to show and tell. Such a difference in the fabrics and styles from the present.

Tuesday when I went out to lunch with some of the girls, Linda brought me the quilt she has quilted for me.  As usual, the quilting is beautiful and I am so happy with it.  This one is for my daughter and I will get it trimmed and bound soon.
Here is the border - gorgeous quilting.
And the strips of leaves.  I really love the colors in this quilt - they are all batiks.  The binding will be the dark brown stripe.

Haven't we had just gorgeous weather?  I love, love, love it!  Hope your weekend is a great one.


Jewels said...

How lovely for you Carol to see the little one! Wow did quilting really look like that LOL

ES said...

The bunny rabbit quilt is so adorable!

Leslie said...

New or old your quilts are always so wonderful.

Annie said...

I love your leaf quilt. I hope we get to see it before it goes to its permanent home. Does the outer striped border curve at the corners - it just barely shows in the photo?