Sunday, August 17, 2014

Duckies in a Row

 Here is the first row of three rows of little ducks all decked out in Kaffe Fassett fabric.  It is all fused except for the littlest fellows eye and is about half appliqued.  Fun to work on!  Since the sex of the new little one isn't known yet, I hope it is not to flowery for a little boy if that is who the recipient will be.   When I look at it, I see the bright colors and not so much what the print is.  The original quilt has a flowery border which I will be replacing  multicolored piano keys.  What do you think?
As usual, my basement is in a big mess again.  This is made almost entirely from a box of scraps that surely looks like it should be thrown out.  But as long as a piece is big enough, I will use it.

A new stove will be delivered tomorrow.  I do not get excited about new appliances especially when I have to replace an old one.  My large burner has been out of service for quite a long time, but I really don't cook nearly as much as I did.  However, you do have to have a stove!!  So now I will have a new one.  Sherry and Barclay came over this afternoon and it was moved out and the floor underneath it cleaned.  It was as bad as I had envisioned.  After the new one is installed, I will take a mop and do the rest of the floor.  Have also mastered putting down a wet cloth and using my foot to wipe up the floor.  If you can't do things one way, you invent another method!


Jewels said...

Love love love your duckies! A new stove - hurrah lol. And yes necessity is the mother of invention for cleaning floors :). Hope to catch up with you soon....J

Leslie said...

Oh no I just yelled at Elle for foot mopping. I told her that was no way to clean. Lol. But you do have age on your side of the argument spectrum.

ES said...

The ducks are looking fab :)