Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hot Weather Sewing

Almost done with the duckies in a row.  Applique is all done and borders pieced the decision has to be made of what fabric I will use for the narrow sashing around the body of the quilt and also for the binding.  My friend Leslie told me not to forget to have one of the ducks going the wrong way - so the little guy in the middle row is about to take off on his own.  The little bird wall hanging that I did a couple of years ago had birdies heading the wrong way.  I am really happy with this little piece - it is so bright and think even if the little one is a boy he will just love it.  I have some narrow strips of fabric on the top to see which color I like.  I kind of like the yellow.
Haven't worked on this one for a few weeks but now it is partly together.  Lots of sewing and figuring out which way to put the corner and side triangles on the rows.  Have ripped several times.  I have the rows marked pretty well, but one had no marking at all.  Think I have it laid out in the right sequence now.  This will be a nice sized quilt for a double bed with a dust ruffle.  You can get a rough idea of what it will look like from the picture.  Love the fabrics in it!

Also getting some binding done - lots of that to do!  The flower garden quilt and sunbonnet sue quilt are all bound now and I am working on the batik leaf quilt that will be Sherry's.   Still also working on the binding of the batik and Kaffe fabrics quilt.  That one will go to Bill and Ann in Kansas City.   Long way around the last two but I'll keep plugging away.

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Stephanie said...

Love the duckie quilt, especially the one going the wrong way:) I like the uellow border and binding, it will really set it off. I love the one on your bed also, beautiful. I just finished a Winnie the Pooh baby quilt. The pattern I used was from cloud 9, I'm really happy with it as it looks modern, which is what she wanted. Working on a Christmas disappearing 4 patch.....