Friday, August 29, 2014

It's in One Piece Now

 On the machine ready to pin the two parts together and have it all in one piece!  Always a good moment.
Thrown on the bed after sewing the last row.  I'm pleased with its soft colors and generous size.  The middle rows took a long time to pin and sew but it is done now!
Here is my new clock - and the hands go round and round like they should without sticking togeher.  So now I know what time it is in my sewing area.
One more picture!  This is what I see when I look up at my ceiling - a very healthy, sturdy cobweb which I must get down.  Looks like you could almost turn the light off and on with it!  But that's not the case.  How do those things form?  It has been there for a spell, just have to get my fuzzy wuzzy red cobweb catcher out and harvest it!  There is one in the basement, too, a cobweb, I mean!


Jewels said...

Wow look forward to seeing the quilt (not the cobweb lol though I would be happy to knock down for you) on Sunday!

marlu said...

The quilt top is beautiful!

marlu said...

The quilt top is beautiful. That is one of the prettiest blend of colors I have seen. I usually am drawn to darker shades but this is lovely!

Joy said...

The blend of colours is simply beautiful. What a wonderful quilt.

Jackie Fellows said...

Your quilt is wonderful, but I love the clock.