Sunday, August 3, 2014

Some Pictures of My Cutie Pies

It's been a while since I posted pictures of the cutie pie great grandchildren so today is the day.  Here is Henry, almost three, checking out things at Target.  A very cool little fellow!
And here is Lauren, his  little sister, just past six months, in her very lovely floppy sunhat looking cute as a button.  She is growing so - will get to finally meet her before Christmas when they will come to Michigan for an early celebration.  That is so exciting - Christmas is so much more magical with little ones around.  
 And here is Annie!  Annie is on the train after flying to Michigan Friday.  Of  course, she brought Molly and Doug with her and they are now up at grandma and grandpa's cabin.  They will be in Midland most likely Wednesday so I will get to get reacquainted with the little sweetie.  And then I will have to start thinking of another baby quilt to make, as Annie will be a big sister in February!  How wonderful is that?  They don't know if it will be a little boy or girl yet but will in a few weeks.   Just wonderful news!

And another bit of super happy news--Hannah, my youngest granddaughter who was in the Peace Corps, is now in nurse's training and just got a great, great scholarship that is absolutely wonderful.  She is so deserving to receive it and we all are so very, very proud of her.  She will be home for a visit in September and again at Christmas.  Sweet things for Funoldhag  to look forward to.   

Here it is, all quilted and ready to be trimmed and bound.  Will bind it in variegated fabrics that are in the quilt.  I always love that look.  I had quite a time yesterday afternoon - had sat down to do a couple of the blocks and zipped right through them.  When I took the quilt out from under the needle - guess what I had done?   Quilted part of a corner of the quilt right into part of my quilting. Isn't that a sinking feeling?  Yuk! So I got out my trusty seam ripper and worked for about an hour taking out the mess.  Certainly tends to keep a quilter humble, doesn't it?  Didn't go back to it until this afternoon when I finished it without incident.  No harm done- you can't tell where it was at all.   And the old saying is right - she who sews, rips!  I was surprised that I didn't have more trouble with the quilting since there are so many seams.  I have a few places where it's a little bumpy and maybe a tiny pleat or two, but I am not worrying about that.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.  


Chantal said...

They sure are sweet things to look forward to. Enjoy! The quilt is just fabulous. Great job.

Jewels said...

wonderful pics and wonderful news Carol!

leslie said...

your quilt looks wonderful and boy oh boy did the quilt from yesterday turn out so pretty. quilting just makes such a difference in the appearance doesn't it.