Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Very Cool Sunday

It's been a very cool weekend - no desire to go outside plus the fact that there is really nothing to do out there around my house.   No problem, though.  This afternoon I have fused two new blocks and they look pretty good.   So far I have not done any machine work on them.   The grape block started out with pretty yellow grapes - but they just did not contrast with the background well enough.  They would have been smashing on black or a solid darker color!  Have been thinking of doing something in turquoise and they would have really stood out there.  You can tell so quickly when something just doesn't work.

Now I have some new pictures of the little kids and I'm going to slip them in!
 Here's Annie "making a mess" as her mom texted.  Flour, water and food coloring and painter's paper.  She is dressed for the activitiy.  What a neat idea.  I'm sure she is having lots of fun with the pretty stuff.

 On an outing to Breckinridge this weekend, Henry is thinking deeply about something on the tram ride.  Also sporting his new haircut and cool shades.

And little Miss Lauren grinning from ear to ear in her pretty hat.  Her two little bottom teeth show up nicely.  That little girl seems to always have a smile on her face.

Hope you've had a great weekend.   I did turn my furnace on yesterday although it hasn't run but a few times   It was getting chilly!!

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Leslie said...

How very sweet are your great grand babies. we were up north and it was 36 degrees one evening.