Friday, September 5, 2014

More Scrappy Flowers

I want to make some more scrappy flowers similar to the Flower Garden I just did.  Love working with the bright Kaffe fabrics on a scrappy background.  The other day I was looking through some of my books and found this one by Gwen Marston with some great designs that are similar to the flowers in the wallhanging.  I have been scanning them and then putting it in a program I have that enables me to print the patterns out in the size I want - or at least pretty close to it.
I am sure there are many other ways, but I am able to get this done pretty well and can enlarge the patterns by cropping and working with half or a quarter at a time.  That way I can make some pretty good sized patterns to use.  Aren't these pretty?
Here is the first - and very rough!  I will be changing centers and just have some stuck on the flowers so I can make up my mind.  The leaf is also not chosen yet.  There are two there and may end up that I will use something entirely different.

Here is one that will probably stay the same.  I love the pretty orange petals of the daisies and I think the leaves are pretty good.

This one may get changed before I do the applique.  I think the three little round grapes or whatever they are will be the bright orange and maroon polka dot fabric.  Anyway it's just beginning and the fun of it is choosing the fabrics!

Today is one of the muggiest uncomfortable days of the summer.  I have stayed in all day and have no intention of venturing out.  Certainly am not complaining about this summer, though, as it's been a very nice one and you have to expect some heat and humidity this time of year.

Have found another series on Netflix that is so good!  I love a good murder mystery but it is best if it is a lighthearted murder and not too scary or suspenseful!   I started watching Poirot - an Agatha Christie mystery and they are the coolest stories.  Poirot is soooo cute - a little handlebar mustache, a dapper dresser, and just perfect for the part.  I guess he has been played by the actor, David Suchet, since 1989 and the series just recently ended.   At  present there are 47 episodes on Netflix.  It's nice that each one is a story in itself so they don't carry over in plot.  Set in the 1930's in England, the cars, clothes, architecture, etc., is such fun to see.  I especially love the big old gorgeous cars.  If you like mysteries, give it a try.


Chantal said...

Cool flowers. So bright and cheerful. Love Poirot too. Use to read Agatha's books. I'll have a look at Netflix. Thanks for sharing.

ES said...

I love the second photo, the leaves look just right! I also love Netflix, no adverts to interrupt viewing!

Joy said...

You know how to use Kaffe fabrics to best advantage. I will be taking home a lesson from you.

Poirot? I'll give it a go. I have a binding to hand stitch over the next few evenings.

leslie said...

oh boy i so like Henry's new big boy haircut. Very dashing for such a fine boy. lol Must be his going to preschool cut.