Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some Progress on the Shimmering Triangles

Did quite a bit of cutting on this today -- it takes quite awhile.  You certainly don't want to change your mind about where a square is because it is tied up with all the other ones around it.  If you move one, you lose the half square triangles that are connected to that particular square.  So far, I am liking what is on my wall a lot and I do see some shimmering!  All of the little hst's are just stuck on the flannel and it will look so much different when they are sewn altogether and pressed.  My blocks are six inches and I am planning to make it 42 by 48.  I think I have figured out how to do the edges.  The end blocks will be 3 x 6 inches and the corner ones will be 3 inch squares.    As you can guess, there is another big mess of fabric all over everything in my basement.   Won't take pictures - just remember how I jumble everything up when I am doing something like this and you have the picture already.

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