Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Big, Big Thank You to Bill!!

My son, Bill, flew here last Tuesday and was with me until midday today.  How fun it was to be with him again.  He is a great guy and we don't have any trouble at all finding things to talk about.  One of the main reasons for his trip was to do some things for me that I don't do so easily any more - and how that dear man worked!  The picture above is the little shed that is attached to my house and opens to the patio.  A great place for the outside things you do need in a condo, it means you don't have to haul patio furniture, etc., to the basement.  A very handy feature.  My shed was gross!   Now what I need is in there very neatly and all the junk is out in the carport awaiting trash pickup.

And on the inside he moved furniture (had not been moved for years!) and swept under everything, cleaned the baseboards, used the crevice tool at the bottom of the baseboards and even got all the dustbunnies off the walls.  One of the things I was so wanting was to have the fridge moved out.   So  Bill did that and cleaned the floor and walls.    I have a valance I had put up in my bedroom eons ago - it is deep red and was very, very dusty.  The curtain rod was leaning at both ends and I couldn't get up there to fix it.  It's now fixed, the dust gone, the valance looks brand new.  That is just a bit of what he did and I love and thank him so much!  Sherry, my daughter, and her hubby came over two nights for dinner--it was so nice to have both my kids around even for just a little while.

The spacebar on my keyboard has been sticking so bad and driving me crazy.  We went to Best Buy and I now am wireless!  Keyboard and mouse only $26.00.  And, oh, yes, all the dust is gone  behind my computer desk and the wires are all untwisted and neat.  I am stoked!

While things were moved around, I thought I would have Bill hang this wallhanging for me.  This was made in 2007.   I found the pattern in an old book I had and the original one was done in pinks and blues and blacks.   Every time I would look through that particular book I would be drawn to this piece.  Think I will probably leave it up.

Oh, and we watched the Royals and Giants in the world series.  When we lived in the KC area, we went to some of the games.  I am not a sports fan, but I like baseball and liked the Royals when we lived there.  Hope they win!!!

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