Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Been Almost Two Weeks

I swear - the older you get the faster time flees by!!!!   My intentions aren't to let long spells go between posts but sometimes that just happens.  Even if I haven't been quilting, I can usually pull a post about something together but that is getting more difficult, also, since I think I have shown you about everything of interest (and some not of interest) in my home.   I will start this post with a picture texted to me by Elle, the very cute and cool daughter of my friend, Leslie!
Way back in the depths of this blog, I showed my old candy tin of embroidery floss which is, I admit, tangled and matted and not a pretty sight!  Leslie had much to say about my tin when I took it to Sit and Sew and she made fun of it!!  I figure that thread is cheap and I can always cut off what is too tangled and throw it away!  Doesn't that make sense?   Well, Elle texted me this picture of what she found in her mom's things!   Do you suppose I am influencing Leslie and could she be adopting my slovenly ways with floss??   Of course, Leslie, you know I am teasing you - that goes without saying.  Thank you, Elle, for the ammunition!!!!!
 I found this old block pattern on Pinterest and it intrigued me.  So the other day I played for just a while and fused three small blocks - they would be 3 1/2 inches finished.

There would be so many ways to lay them out but I only did three.  Sometime I am going to make some more and maybe make a little wallhanging.
This is up on the basement wall.  The bottom right is maybe a little too pastell, but I think I will go with it and maybe make to or three more lighter ones.  Also think I might go bed size with this one.  Probably will put my cheating appliqued print diamonds or squares on end on the newspaper print between the blocks.
Park Bench had a sale this weekend and bought a few more pieces of Kaffe fabric for my stash.
Also these pretty pastel batiks - they would make wonderful block backgrounds.  Bought several other batiks but no rhyme nor reason - just because I liked them.

So looking forward to my son coming next week.  Been quite a while since we've seen each other - it was Christmas, in fact.  We talk on the phone a lot, though.  Bill will be doing some things I can no longer do - like cleaning out my shed, etc.  We will go get me a new keyboard, too, as this darned thing sticks all the time!!!!  I am making a list - but we will do some fun things, too.

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