Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Old, Old Things from the Past

If you have read my blog over the years, you know that my hubby and I spent lots of time on the square dance floor in Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas.  We had some wonderful friends and lots and lots of fun that was also great exercise.  In the Kansas City area there you could have danced almost every night in the week if you so wished and at any level from beginner to challenge.  We never went the challenge route but were in a nice level that made you think but still have a good time. And we dressed for it!  I made lots of outfits over the years and even made Ray some shirts.  We wore ruffled pantaloons and big, big crinoline petticoats.  We were in about three clubs and would visit others once in a while, going at least once a week and maybe sometimes twice.  After Bill left, I was fiddling down the basement and started going through some of the boxes of stuff that I have.  I found this skirt that is really, really full and it's loaded with gold, red and white rickrack and some pretty trim.  There is a belt which you can see and a blouse which I didn't photograph.  Also, an orange shirt that Ray wore.  Good grief, I had to iron that thing!!  Used to iron the wrong side so the trim would stand up.  That was the only thing I kept of the clothes.  Molly and her friend used to play dressup in it and some other things I have.  Maybe Annie and Lauren will like to do that some day!  And I marvel at how small my waist was - what happened to that?????

A needlepoint vest I did back in the late 70's or early 80's.  I did so much needlepoint and loved doing patchwork bargello and other stitches.  The back is denim and the vest is still in very nice shape.
Another one I did.  They were right in style back in the day.  This, too, has a denim back.  I rigged up some trim to make two bows in front to hold it shut.   I have one more that I never finished that I will show another time.  Also have some of my husband's baby clothes that are fun to see.  Will save those for another post.

Day started out rainy but did a turnaround and it was nice and sunny - but very windy!  My assignment for the day was to get some little Halloween boxes off to Denver and Portland for the little kiddies.  I took them to the post office this afternoon and they should be there the day before or at least Halloween itself!

Have a great rest of the week!!!!

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