Sunday, November 16, 2014

November is Flying By

Here are two redwork pieces I worked two to three years ago.  They have been put away waiting for me to do be finished.  And I have just about done that.  Just finished putting the strips together for binding which will be the first small border.  I think I have enough for both.  They are both quilted and that didn't take much time since they are only about 18 x 24 inches and I did nothing fancy.  So, by golly, another ufo has about hit the dust!  Don't worry, though, I have plenty more!   There was a third pattern with these - a cool Christmas tree - but I won't be making that.  Will put it away for someone to find one day and maybe it will get made.

I also quilted the African tabletopper that I made a week or so ago and will get the binding ready for that.  Just did straight line quilting with the walking foot and it turned out pretty well.   I am glad that I can do a decent job of machine quilting but don't really like the time it takes to stop and start so many times.  Love doing the small pieces but when they get much bigger than a baby quilt, I will have someone else do it.

 Had a great guild meeting last Tuesday night.  The owners of Country Threads in St. Louis (Michigan, that is) gave a very cute presentation of how to do a sort of stack and whack set of placemats.  What cute personalities these ladies have!   Had everyone giggling with their funny little antics and it was lots of fun.  I don't get out of town much to shop hop but would stop by their shop if I did.  They also had a table of goodies for sale.
This dear lady is Nancy, a long time member of our guild.  She does absolutely beautiful work in everything that she does.  For show and tell, she brought along this picture that looks just like a gorgeous fall painting but it is not.  It is thousands and thousands of little snippets of fabric laid on batting that has a back, covered with tulle and then quilted.  It is absolutely fabulous.  She said she liked it so much she had it framed.  Very smart move, Nancy!  That is a treasure.   She and at least one other girl (may have been more) took a class someplace outside of Midland.  The batik fabrics were cut to smithereens with a rotary cutter and put in piles of different colors.  Sounds like the making of a really fun, interesting class!!

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