Friday, December 26, 2014

A Great Christmas

Despite the fact that colds or flu hit everyone (knock on wood  - except Funoldhag) for the actual Christmas celebration, it was a very sweet, fun time with those of my family that were together.  First Barclay, my son-in-law, came down with something.  Then Ian, Hannah's boyfriend, had a cold when they got there, followed by Hannah starting to cough, etc., on Christmas Eve.  Sherry fought it yesterday and today she can rest and take it easy and get over it.  Sounds like we didn't have a good time - but we did!!   
Christmas morning we had a family "get together" over the internet!  Ian fixed it up some way so that  Molly and her family in Portland and Norah and her family in Denver and the five of us were all on a three way facetime so that we could watch the little ones open the gifts we had sent them.   Above is Annie opening a little dollhouse from Grandma and Grandpa here in Michigan.  Henry tore into his gifts with gusto (reminiscent of his mommy when she was about that age) and was very enthusiastic about Christmas this year.  Lauren was not too enthusiastic about gifts this year but she is just ll months old.  Annie was very methodical in opening hers and very enthusiastic about looking things over.  She is adorable (as they all are).  She was really into a pink toolbox that Henry and Lauren sent her.   I could never have imagined even ten years ago that we would spend Christmas together on the internet.  
 Annie and Daddy

Sweet Lauren

The girls texted these pictures of the kiddies earlier.  Thought you would enjoy Henry feeding Lauren's little dolly.  It certainly seems that some day a long time from now will be a good daddy!  

Two years ago, our family decided to have the adults draw names for a nice gift and then get stocking stuffers for every one.  You might remember that I made a stocking for each.  That has turned into such a fun tradition!  After watching the kids open their things, it was our turn to open the stocking stuffers.  Lots of fun and a lot of thought and love went into the items each person picked out.  Next came the one big gift each one received from their Secret Santa.     So much fun to see who had your name and what you got.  There is a website where Molly put all our names in and they paired up the giftor and giftee.  Even avoided husbands and wives from getting each other's name.  Each person put up a list of things they would like and the giftor could pick from that.  I had Chad, Norah's husband, and one of his was a beer making kit.  Found that on Amazon and sent it along.   I just put on my list a cozy nightie, wool socks and earrings.  By golly, Norah had my name and I got all of them.  

We spent a long time in our gift unwrapping session and it was almost as good as being together.  Later everyone was texting about the neat stocking stuffers and how much fun we all had.  I also talked to Bill - he and Ann were with her sister and family and her mom.  They were having a great Christmas, also.  

I am sure the kids will continue with this tradition over the years--when the little ones are all grown up they can join in the name drawing.  However, it is so much fun finding them presents and seeing the excitement they get from receiving.  Christmas is so much more fun with little ones around!!  

In my box to Bill and Ann, I sent along a picture of a tabletopper I will be giving Ann.  Could not finish it with my machine in the shop but now I can get it quilted and bound in the next week or so and get it off to her.  Just sent her a picture of the top and here it is
It was a big Christmas!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Funoldhag

I have just returned from my daughter's after spending this Christmas Eve with her and her husband and my youngest granddaughter and her boyfriend who are here from Portland, Oregon, for Christmas.  Weatherwise, this has been the dreariest Christmas Eve I can remember in a long time, but that does not dampen the feelings of the special time.  When I left to come home it was snowing - huge flakes almost like small snowballs!!  I think it has slowed down some now but we do now have some snow for Christmas.   I will go back to their house in the morning and enjoy the day.  We will facetime with the families in Denver and Portland and watch the little ones open the gifts from us. Hooray for technology!!!!!

I haven't posted for a while but will be back at it after the holiday.   By the way, I have my sewing machine back and am so happy about that.  Haven't used it much yet but will soon.   It is purring like a little kitten.

I send you my wishes for you and yours to have a warm and happy Christmas and hope the upcoming new year will be full of good things for you.  Hope Santa stuffs yards and yards of beautiful fabric in your stockings!!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

More of My Favorite Fabric

Isn't this yummy?  I absolutely love this piece.  Every once in a while, I order some quarter yards of my favorite fabrics from Glorious Color.  They have them all and will cut 1/4 yards which some of the online shops don't.   With applique and also some scrappy quilts you don't need much.  They are also very quick and what fun it is to get the package in the mail and see all the gorgeous little chunks of color!

I didn't have much green or yellow so found what I could of that.   Most of the patterns come in quite a few colorways and it's amazing how my eye usually goes to one or two of them.  There are several other designers other than Kaffe Fassett.  I really like the ones by I think it  is Brandon Mobley - but I'm not sure I have his name right.   There are a couple of women designers and two men beside Kaffe.  Quite beautiful stuff.

Here is the rest of the order.  There are some beauties in that pile also.  Not sure what I am going to do with them other than just soak in the gorgeous color but I will come up with something after the holidays.  It's pretty safe ordering because you pretty much know what the fabric is and how beautiful the colors are.  Sometimes there is a piece that isn't that great, but it still works right in.  Love, love, love this stuff!!!

A Thought for Today

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Busy Time

Here are my oldest granddaughter, her husband and their two cute little ones who were here from Denver to visit before Christmas.  Henry is three and a fun little guy who is busy, inquisitive and just as cute as they come.  Lauren--what an adorable little girl.  She is an easy going little baby who is so happy.  As you can see, I am well pleased with  these little kids!!  And also the little one in Portland! It was such fun to be around them and actually see them in person - but Facetime is wonderful when you can't be together!  Monday night we ate at Pizza Sam's and then it was a trip to the Santa House.  I had never been there and I was very impressed.  Santa was such a good Santa who seemed to really love the little ones.  He listened to Henry then they put Lauren on his lap, too, and she rather charmed the old fellow in the red suit.
Every girl needs a tutu!  Grandma Sherry bought jammy outfits for all three of the little ones to wear together when they were all in Denver at Thanksgiving.  

Today I saw my pulmonoligist for my six month visit and all is going okay.  I was feeling a little rough around Thanksgiving, but that has gone away.  Must have been a bug of some kind.  Back to feeling normal for me.   I consider myself very blessed for feeling as well as I do at the age I am.  I had to go before lunch for the breathing test then back after lunch to see the doctor.  While I was at home between times, the phone rang and it was my bank.  By golly, if I didn't win $500 in a sweepstakes they had!!!  How cool is that?  Can't remember ever winning anything worth that much.  I have made arrangements to have a humidifer put on my furnace and that will pay for a big chunk of that expense.  Woo Hoo!!!

Still without my Bernina, but it has been sent away to be fixed.  The power supply is now working and they don't made that part for a machine this old.  However, I think they are going to rebuild it. Will be glad when it is home again and hope that it can be fixed.  I have been using the Huskvarna and find that it is a nice  machine, also, but not having much luck with the buttonhole stitch.  I'm sure with enough practice, I could master that.   Also, I have not tried quilting on it.  Will just be patient and see how my dear old machine comes out.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho

 It's fast approaching - the holiday season  we all await and spend lots of time in preparation of enjoying it with our loved ones.  Two years ago, I made Henry a stocking for Christmas and now his little sister needs a stocking, also.  I didn't have a good picture of the one I did for HRB so Norah texted pictures so I would be able to make a similar one for Lauren.
Here is Lauren's so far - now I must come up with an applique and her name.  I think I am going with a little sunbonnet girl angel in the blue with white polka dot fabric for her dress.  I have some of this pretty turquise fabric and it goes well with the others.  Makes it a bit different than Henry's but very similar.  I am using the machine I bought for the basement which I have been playing with and discovering it is a very nice machine.  Will attempt the applique with it and think it will be okay.  Norah and her family will be here this Saturday!!!!

Had a very nice Thanksgiving with Sherry and Barclay.  Our dinner was stellar and it was a nice day.  Bill called from Florida where he and Ann and her mom were visiting Ann's sister and family, and we facetimed with the girls who were all in Denver having Thanksgiving together.   So everyone was with loved ones and that is what matters!!  Would be nice to be all together, but that does not happen very often for most families.

My Bernina is in Bay City at the shop that services that brand.  My dear friend, Leslie, stopped and got it to take it in for me.   I appreciate that so very much.  So far I have heard nothing from the shop and hope that it will be able to come home good as new.

As mentioned earlier, Annie just recently turned two.  I sent her a Crayola Art Easel and I think she really likes it.  Here she is creating a beautiful picture!
Actually, it is pretty darned cool!!