Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Busy Time

Here are my oldest granddaughter, her husband and their two cute little ones who were here from Denver to visit before Christmas.  Henry is three and a fun little guy who is busy, inquisitive and just as cute as they come.  Lauren--what an adorable little girl.  She is an easy going little baby who is so happy.  As you can see, I am well pleased with  these little kids!!  And also the little one in Portland! It was such fun to be around them and actually see them in person - but Facetime is wonderful when you can't be together!  Monday night we ate at Pizza Sam's and then it was a trip to the Santa House.  I had never been there and I was very impressed.  Santa was such a good Santa who seemed to really love the little ones.  He listened to Henry then they put Lauren on his lap, too, and she rather charmed the old fellow in the red suit.
Every girl needs a tutu!  Grandma Sherry bought jammy outfits for all three of the little ones to wear together when they were all in Denver at Thanksgiving.  

Today I saw my pulmonoligist for my six month visit and all is going okay.  I was feeling a little rough around Thanksgiving, but that has gone away.  Must have been a bug of some kind.  Back to feeling normal for me.   I consider myself very blessed for feeling as well as I do at the age I am.  I had to go before lunch for the breathing test then back after lunch to see the doctor.  While I was at home between times, the phone rang and it was my bank.  By golly, if I didn't win $500 in a sweepstakes they had!!!  How cool is that?  Can't remember ever winning anything worth that much.  I have made arrangements to have a humidifer put on my furnace and that will pay for a big chunk of that expense.  Woo Hoo!!!

Still without my Bernina, but it has been sent away to be fixed.  The power supply is now working and they don't made that part for a machine this old.  However, I think they are going to rebuild it. Will be glad when it is home again and hope that it can be fixed.  I have been using the Huskvarna and find that it is a nice  machine, also, but not having much luck with the buttonhole stitch.  I'm sure with enough practice, I could master that.   Also, I have not tried quilting on it.  Will just be patient and see how my dear old machine comes out.

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