Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho

 It's fast approaching - the holiday season  we all await and spend lots of time in preparation of enjoying it with our loved ones.  Two years ago, I made Henry a stocking for Christmas and now his little sister needs a stocking, also.  I didn't have a good picture of the one I did for HRB so Norah texted pictures so I would be able to make a similar one for Lauren.
Here is Lauren's so far - now I must come up with an applique and her name.  I think I am going with a little sunbonnet girl angel in the blue with white polka dot fabric for her dress.  I have some of this pretty turquise fabric and it goes well with the others.  Makes it a bit different than Henry's but very similar.  I am using the machine I bought for the basement which I have been playing with and discovering it is a very nice machine.  Will attempt the applique with it and think it will be okay.  Norah and her family will be here this Saturday!!!!

Had a very nice Thanksgiving with Sherry and Barclay.  Our dinner was stellar and it was a nice day.  Bill called from Florida where he and Ann and her mom were visiting Ann's sister and family, and we facetimed with the girls who were all in Denver having Thanksgiving together.   So everyone was with loved ones and that is what matters!!  Would be nice to be all together, but that does not happen very often for most families.

My Bernina is in Bay City at the shop that services that brand.  My dear friend, Leslie, stopped and got it to take it in for me.   I appreciate that so very much.  So far I have heard nothing from the shop and hope that it will be able to come home good as new.

As mentioned earlier, Annie just recently turned two.  I sent her a Crayola Art Easel and I think she really likes it.  Here she is creating a beautiful picture!
Actually, it is pretty darned cool!!

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